We’ve applied our 95+ years of road building experience and the resources of our 1200-strong Research and Development team to develop surfaces that make your roads more robust and reliable, and your road building more economical, efficient and planet-friendly.

Innovative, specialist road repair & maintenance

Colas has years of experience and expertise in repairing, protecting and extending the usable lifespan of infrastructure roads, footways and other surfaces. When roads surfaces develop ruts and deformations, have water problems and where skid resistance starts to fall, our affordable, innovative and unique specialist surface treatment solutions will help maintain safety standards and extend the life of your roads by up to 10 years.

Whether you need to do small road surface repairs or your road requires a deeper resurfacing, Colas innovative surface treatment solutions are flexible and can be prepared to meet your requirements. We supply options to repair and upgrade the surface, without necessarily needing to engage in a far more costly and time-consuming resurfacing programme.

Our range of Specialist Surfaces offer a number of benefits:

More Durable

Our extra strong Fibredec system improves overlay performance by 30% compared to traditional blacktops.

More Affordable

Our high-quality, fast-lay Microasphalts save you money and cause fewer delays for your road users.

More Sustainable

Our cost-effective Recycling products lower CO² emissions by up to 72%, cut waste and reduce lorry movements.

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