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Fibredec - Extra strong: Extra versatile

Fibredec combines bitumen emulsion, chopped glass fibre and aggregate to create a strong, flexible and waterproof mix. Applied either as a highly resilient surface material or as a stress-absorbing membrane interlayer (SAMI), the Fibredec system is highly versatile and delivers significant performance improvements on more traditional surfaces.

Durable solution that improves performance

Fibredec reduces surface cracking by providing additional tensile strength to absorb any movement in the pavement structure. If cracking in the underlay occurs, Fibredec minimises permanent lateral movement in the overlay material by easing and spreading the strain over a wider area.

Fibredec is applied with a fast and efficient process that causes minimal disruption and carbon footprint. Specialist equipment enables operators to deliver high output whilst maintaining sensitive control of the surfacing process. This means that Fibredec can be laid in almost any environment, including areas with difficult access. Our clients also benefit from the Colas end-to-end contracting service which covers preparation, application and after-care.

Fibredec can be used to:

  • Add a waterproof and flexible membrane to cracked and crazed surfaces
  • Restore skid resistance to spalling or fretting concrete and blacktop
  • Provide a cost-effective surface for unbound, granular sub-bases
  • Create a cushion-like stress-absorbing membrane, far more effective than a conventional SAMI

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