Code of Conduct

Our responsibility

First, on a project-by-project basis, we must provide excellent value to our clients. We are consistently competitive, innovative and reliable.

Our second core responsibility is to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. 

This leads to a question: how do we, as a large and successful company manage the balancing act of delivering real value, without compromising our sustainability goals?

It’s a challenging question, but one we have a simple answer for: being an ‘Intelligent Service Provider.’

This is a term which we feel summarises our approach to sustainability and value:

Understand the challenge: We always take time to understand every detail of what’s needed before recommending any solution. It’s very important to us that when we present our ideas, there’s no question marks hanging over anything and no guesswork. We prize absolute clarity on our deliverables and minimising risk for our clients.

Be innovative: Often, the best solution for a client is to develop something new, or customise something we’ve had success with before. We’re in a unique position to do this as we own our own R&D resources, and have a global network of talented and skilled people.

Follow the rules: we always meet or exceed government and commercial directives that govern the materials we use and working practices.

Communities: Colas has a major impact on the environments and communities we work in, simply due to the scale of the solutions we provide. We consult at all stages with the right people to make sure the concerns of the community are being met.

To dig into more detail on our policies, please download any of the documents below:

Our Policies

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Community Involvement Policy

Download Community Involvement Policy here

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Environmental Policy

Download Environmental Policy here

Collaborative Working Policy

Download Collaborative Working Policy here