Specialist processes and surface treatments


The sustainable alternative to conventional surfacing that saves you time and money.

Our Microasphalt process is cold-applied so uses less energy and lowers your carbon emissions. It comes with a choice of versatile materials so it can tackle a broad range of engineering challenges. All confirm to National Sector Scheme 13b and ISO9001.

A range of solutions to suit every challenge


Ralumac is a highly durable, environment-friendly HAPAS-approved solution that repairs potholes up to 40mm deep and is traffic-usable within 30 minutes.


Ralumac HT (High Texture) incorporates heavier-grade aggregates for use on main roads, motorways and routes experiencing high volumes of traffic. It is fast to apply and very effective for filling ruts, improving skid resistance and protecting surfaces from water damage.


Ralumac 2000 is a cold-applied 0/6mm wearing course that delivers extra durability and stability. Fibreglass can also be added for use as a SAMI. Application is made easier and longitudinal joints kept to a minimum thanks to an articulated, width-adjustable laying box.


Ralumac 1000 is good for filling ruts, restoring profile and treating deteriorating road surfaces. It is especially suitable for restricted sites with limited access or high-speed locations with heavy levels of traffic. Residential estate roads can be repaired with little or no handwork and the application machine carries, mixes and lays all surface components.


Bitutex FP is ideal for footpaths, cycle paths, car parks and carriageways. It provides maximum effectiveness, rapid curing and an even surface coating. It regulates and fills everything from minor cracks and crazing to 15mm deep potholes and marks without pre-patching. Bitutex FP adheres and strengthens quickly, allowing use by pedestrians within 20 minutes and motor traffic in under an hour.


With pre-patching, Paveseal is used for repairing severely damaged footpaths and carriageways. Based upon the Bitutex FP formulation but also incorporating cellulose fibres and polymer-modified bitumen, Paveseal provides enhanced tensile strength and out-performs conventional slurry surfaces.

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