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Colas Group Agreement with Sidewalk Labs (SWL)


Colas Group Agreement with Sidewalk Labs (SWL)

Colas Group Agreement with Sidewalk Labs (SWL)

On June 17, Colas signed an agreement with Sidewalk Labs (SWL), a subsidiary of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, to experiment with Flowell, the Colas Group’s latest road innovation, as part of Toronto’s Quayside project.

Innovation in infrastructure

As a global leader in Roads whose mission is to design, promote and build infrastructure solutions for sustainable mobility, Colas has been innovating in the fields of Smart Roads and Smart Cities for several years. Benefiting from research rolled out for Wattway technology (energy-producing photovoltaic road surfacing), the dynamic luminous road marking solution Flowell captured the attention of teams from Sidewalk Labs.

Flowell as part of pioneering Quayside project

In collaboration with SWL, Colas aims to test the Flowell solution and its ability to modulate urban spaces, as part of the pioneering Quayside project proposed by SWL in Toronto. Mobility is a cornerstone of this project, and infrastructure plays a major role. Colas and Sidewalk Labs are looking to experiment with ways to reclaim roadway space for pedestrians and the public realm by implementing Flowell technology to flex curb space to accommodate pedestrian use when vehicle demand is low.

Collaborating on a user-centred approach

Backed by 90 years of experience, the Colas Group brings its expertise and skills in road innovations. Sidewalk Labs, whose goal is to improve quality of life in cities, is tackling today’s major urban challenges. The teams will work together via a user-centered approach, with safety as the top priority, as well as to test the efficiency of services offered to build a city where public space could be better shared, thus providing a better quality of life to residents.

For Colas, this partnership with Sidewalk Labs is a key symbol of the changes that the Group wishes to bring to tomorrow’s infrastructures to ensure safer, more sustainable, more connected, better shared mobility.

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