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Mobile Asphalt Plants deliver environmental benefits

Increasing the use of mobile asphalt plants is an effective way to reduce carbon emissions.


NEW Novacol Recycling Process

The new Colas process for quick, economical and clean projects with 100% recycling.

Suitable for most road types, Colas’ new process recycles 100% of the existing surface in-situ and provides a machine-laid finish which can be trafficked almost immediately. Novacol ensures high performance binder and base courses by recycling and regenerating the upper courses of the roadway.

Novacol is a high performance technique which:

  • restructures damaged layers
  • regenerates binder if required
  • has no loose bonds or cracks
  • improves longitudinal evenness and transverse profiles

NEW Valorcol Cold mix Surfacing

Valorcol is a cold mix surfacing process consisting of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) that is usually 100% of the content.

The process reuses the milled materials obtained from the same site or from existing stockpiles at other construction sites. The reduction in new resources and reduced traffic movements delivers an efficient and effective reduction in environmental impact.

This process:

  • can recycle 100% of tar contaminated planings
  • utilises current RAP stocks
  • substantially reduces carbon footprint
  • can be laid in thickness of 40 to 200mm
  • can be applied to all types of pavements for low to moderate traffic

Rethink your surface treatments

At Colas we know the challenges facing road engineers require some innovative thinking and environmental savings. Our portfolio of Specialist Surface Treatment options offer a number of benefits:

  • DURABLE - our tensile Fibredec solution improves overlay performance by 30% compared to traditional blacktops
  • AFFORDABLE - our high quality, efficient Microasphalt save you money and cause fewer delays for road users
  • SUSTAINABLE - our cost-effective Road Recycling products lower CO2 emissions by up to 72%

Being part of the International Colas Group enables us to access innovations from around the world. We work closely with our International colleagues to identify new processes suitable for the UK road network. In 2021, we will be introducing two brand-new process to the UK.

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Solar powered solutions for roadside equipment

The innovative Wattway by Colas is a photovoltaic solution for generating autonomous power in a wide range of situations. Installed directly on the pavement, our new Wattway Pack solutions provide a turnkey 'autonomous power plug' that combines trafficable, visually unobtrusive photovoltaic panels with a battery to store electricity.

Wattway can provide a sustainable solution for

  • SOFT MOBILITY - power charging stations for bicycles and electric scooters
  • CONNECTIVITY - provide access to Wi-Fi and supply electricity to all types of furniture e.g. benches, bus shelters etc
  • SAFETY & SECURITY - ensure autonomous power to CCTV camera's automatics barriers, lighting etc

The image here shows a Wattway pack that provides autonomous electricity for lighting in the underpass up ahead, improving safety and security for users. Our tests in the UK have established that Wattway is a suitable solution and can generate the power required from our climate.

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Colas is one of the top 5 recyclers in the world

Colas is one of the five largest recyclers in the world, regardless of the sector or type of material. As a major producer and consumer of construction materials, Colas has developed ways to recover and recycle waste produced in road construction as well as materials resulting from demolition or renovation from public works or other industries.

This approach is part of the broader context of the circular economy with a reduction in construction costs, savings in materials, transport and energy (carbon).

  • RECYCLING PLANTS - Colas devotes considerable resources to this end, with a network of plants able to recover and treat all types of debris, construction materials and industrial waste to produce gravel and aggregates. In 2019, 9 million tonnes were recycled by Colas throughout the world, corresponding to 10% of the Group's total production from its quarries and gravel pits, equivalent to the output of 17 medium-sized quarries
  • BITUMOUS ASPHALT MIXES -  In 2019, Colas used an average of 16% recycled asphalt mixes in its worldwide asphalt mix production, thus recovering about 309,000 tonnes of bitumen, equivalent to the annual bitumen yield of a medium-sized refinery.
  • ON-SITE RECYCLING -  the on-site recycling of pavement is an especially interesting technique used to limit purchases of materials and reduce transport costs (and thus our carbon footprint). More than 7.4 million sq.m of pavement were recycled on site in 2019.

In December 2020 the Colas Group announced a new global commitment to CSR, compatible with the Paris Agreement, to reduce its direct greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and its upstream indirect emissions by 30% by 2030. A new corporate project - ACT (Act & Commit Together) has recently been launched swiftly followed by the first Colas World Environment Day ln 8 April.

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Colas is an award-winning business, delivering sustainable solutions for the UK’s transport infrastructure. We invest, design, construct, maintain and operate a wide variety of projects for the public and private sector.

Our innovative thinking is helping Local Authorities across the country to keep their roads safe, well-maintained and managed. Our Road Recycling and Specialist Surface Treatments extend the life of pavements and yield environmental and economical benefits.

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