The Way to Innovation

Dynamic Intelligent Road Lighting

The Flowell solution, developed by Colas R&D in collaboration with CEA Tech, makes it possible to organise the shared space of roads and city streets. Installed on existing roads, Flowell offers a great degree of flexibility and adapts the infrastructure to the needs of the community in real time.

Flowell consists of panels bonded to the pavement that can bear all types of vehicle traffic with the same grip as conventional road surfacing. The panels, composed of LEDs encapsulated in a multilayer substrate, are connected to an electrical grid and controlled remotely.

Improving safety and maintenance responsiveness

ANAIS is a new solution which collects and analyses data relating to the behaviour of vehicles on roads, making it possible to detect warning zones on the road network and provide maintenance recommendations to the network manager. The solution won the Road Safety Innovation 2019 award for Emergency Response and Improvements to Road Space at the 3rd edition of the Road Safety Innovation Awards in France.

Colas has signed a partnership with Michelin Driving Data Intelligence (DDI) for the acquisition of driving data in real-life situations. This data, is reported, then aggregated, anonymized and contextualized on a processing platform designed to detect warning zones. These zones are then in turn analyzed and processed by Mobility by Colas to help local authorities target specific road safety maintenance operations.

Acquiring real driving data brings a new dimension to road network diagnostics, as the analysis can be both continuous and comprehensive. ANAIS makes it possible to make roads safer.

The Solar Road

The fruit of 5 years of research jointly led by Colas and the INES, the French National Institute for Solar Energy, Wattway is a patented French innovation. By combining the techniques of road construction with those of photovoltaic production, Wattway supplies clean, renewable energy, under all types of vehicle traffic.

Wattway has been installed on numerous sites around the world, including test sites in the UK.

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Digital Stakeholder Communication Solution

Our innovative new app has been develop by Colas Digital Solutions to improve communications and the flow of information at project sites or areas of multiple works. The free app enables users to monitor the progress of the project, to find out in advance about changes that may impact their daily life and to communicate with the team.

Engaging local stakeholders and improving access to information and the project team has proven to be beneficial to Colas teams around the world, and Colas in the UK are delighted to have recently rolled the app out at our Stoneferry Corridor Improvements project in Hull with more projects to follow in the coming weeks.