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The UK infrastructure of tomorrow is being driven by the climate challenge, innovation and the ability to deliver value for all stakeholders. It needs to be sustainable, smart, and practical to build and maintain. Colas #CARES and brings together everything needed to deliver on this vision; from finance, to in-house R&D scientists and design, to world-class management.

At Colas, our #DARING has seen us supply innovative products and solutions to the industry for nearly a century. We’re proud of the part we play in keeping people moving safely 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Our expertise and experience gives us the ability to supply an end-to-end solution for projects of all size. With our local knowledge and #SHARED global expertise, we work closely with you to deliver a solution that meets your objectives.

We are a UK and worldwide leader in delivering sustainable, intelligent solutions for the design, construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure including highways, aviation, and structures.

The way to low carbon solutions

The Colas Group is one of the top 5 recyclers in the world, and the Group is committed to reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and upstream indirect emissions by 30% by 2030 across the world.

Here in the UK, we have been working for some time to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and work collaboratively with our supply chain to develop suitable solutions. We are successfully achieving recycling goals, e.g. 100% recycling at our recent Chorlton Road project for Manchester City Council.

Colas has many years experience of delivering Surface Treatments that include In-Situ and Ex-Situ Road Recycling, Micro-Surfacing, Fibredec Surface Dressing and Slurry Seal. These cold-applied ‑treatments reduce emissions, waste and disruption, and can solve the issue of tar contamination. Our innovative approach will see us launching two new low carbon solutions later this year.

We assist clients in significantly lowering highway maintenance costs and improving the carbon footprint.


The way to supporting communities

At Colas we care about the communities we work within. From delivering Social Value to developing future focussed infrastructure, we aim to support the goals of local communities and build long lasting collaborative partnerships.

Our award winning commitment to social value is embedded within our business and our teams take pride in supporting the communities where they work.

Local knowledge, combined with global expertise enables us to partner with clients to develop solutions that can deliver long lasting change for communities. Our project at Chorlton Road in Manchester saw us build the first ever CYCLOPS junction in the UK which has created a safer solution for pedestrians, cyclists and road users leading to an increase in active travel. In Brighton & Hove, our long term collaboration has seen us transform lighting to more environmentally friendly solutions.


The way to innovation

The Colas research network reflects the Group's global capability. With locations on five continents, our technical teams remain close to their customers, while benefiting from permanent contact with their peers in other subsidiaries as well as with the Campus for Science and Techniques (CST) near Paris.

From Wattway, the world's first ever photovoltaic road surface, to Exopush, an exoskeleton tailored for the workforces of tomorrow. Colas are paving the road to the future through our visionary innovation portfolio.

The team of experts at Colas Digital Solutions are developing digital innovations that support the maintenance and development of infrastructure as well as forward thinking communication tools for stakeholders.

We aim to utilise our world-class research capabilities to deliver sustainable, long-term infrastructure solutions. It is at the heart of what we do.


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