UK Projects

Achieving excellence in project delivery through innovation, partnerships and pragmatism.

Colas Projects delivers major transport infrastructure solutions in the UK, Ireland and internationally.

Our approach is to focus on providing intelligent, innovative and sustainable projects which are excellent value for our customers. We have the capability to deliver end-to-end solutions, all the way from investment and design to construction and maintenance.

One of the keys to our success is our mix of local specialists and global resources. In the UK we have in-house specialist teams, local manufacturing and a century of experience and innovation. Supporting this is our unique access to a global community of research and development engineers, and other world-class experts and resources. This gives us the capability to deliver complex, large-scale projects to a high degree of excellence.

95 years of experience

Experts in complex projects

Access to global resources

Pioneering and productive

Our Services


Through our global experience, we bring expertise to provide finance and funding solutions through all stages of the infrastructure project life cycle.



Through collaborative and entrepreneurial approaches, we use our diverse experience, research and development commitment and leading BIM capability to provide innovative and relevant design solutions.



Utilising our global expertise in delivering major schemes in varied infrastructure sectors and environments including urban connectivity, complex structures, coastal reclamation, aviation, civil engineering and high tech facilities, we use our specific specialist skills and expertise to work collaboratively with our customers and partners, to provide safe, efficient and effective deliver services.

We bring

Innovative and entrepreneurial approaches

Globally, we employ more than 2000 research, development and innovation engineers and scientists. At the centre of our corporate culture is a desire to innovate, solve problems, and be entrepreneurial.

We are always looking to:

  • Bring innovative and practical solutions to complex engineering challenges
  • Provide sustainable, more future-proof solutions
  • Use pioneering approaches to improve major project delivery
  • Use technology and collaborative partnerships to be safer and smarter
  • Offer better value for money

What this means for our customers is that we can bring them high quality, pioneering, innovative solutions - and lower costs.

Efficient and accelerated delivery solutions

Although we deliver against sometimes very complex briefs, we believe that it is very important to keep delivery as simple as possible. We are always looking to create leaner and smarter ways of defining and delivering projects, and improve our overall output.

  • Enhance efficiencies in workforce productivity with technology, training, and better processes¬†using our experience from around the globe
  • Targeted investment into our own resources to improve efficiencies and capabilities
  • Deliver faster and better by using modular systems, off-site manufacturing and assembly, and pioneering construction techniques

Collaborative partnerships

We bring collaborative partnerships based upon BS11000, and global experience from established flagship alliance contracts.

We have a global approach to Building Information Management (BIMby Co), which is driven by a strategy of sharing knowledge, information and experience in order to improve infrastructure delivery.

End-to-End project services

We have world-class capabilities in every aspect of all our projects. We invest in, design, construct and then operate and maintain major infrastructure projects all around the world.

But being an end-to-end provider is not simply a matter of being capable. Our company DNA is to be innovative and add value at every stage of a project lifecycle.

  • We deliver infrastructure more intelligently and more efficiently
  • Customers have greater confidence in success
  • And a vastly improved understanding of the on-going costs of managing and maintaining infrastructure assets over time and into the future

Sustainable approaches

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. It is especially important to us as a company that delivers infrastructure solutions that have traditionally used large amounts of materials and manpower.

Not only do we strive to use sustainable materials in our construction phase, but to look at being greener in the broadest possible senses:

  • Sustainable outcomes for the communities in which we work
  • Save power and costs in all our offices and facilities
  • Create solutions with longer lifespans which are easy to repair
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our business
  • Be mindful and efficient in how we reduce waste and manage resources
  • Use technology and intelligent systems to reduce costs and keep traffic flowing
  • Educate the workforce to understand the importance of a sustainable approach