Portsmouth PFI

Portsmouth Private Finance Initiative (PFI)

Colas Portsmouth operate the PFI contract for Portsmouth City Council, with a total value of £500m over 25 years.

The contract started in 2005 and was the first of its kind.

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Prior to August 2004 the City of Portsmouth had some of the worst roads in the country. 

Initially, our main deliverable was to get the main roads up to an acceptable standard.

Also, there was a requirement to upgrade street lighting and structures.

  • 523km of roads
  • 4682km of pavements
  • 19,585 street lights
  • 76 structures
  • Highway Inspections – to identify defects
  • Highway Maintenance - repairs such as potholes, broken paving, trip hazards
  • Asset Management - inventory updates, asset management, surveys and proactive maintenance
  • Street Cleansing - sweeping, litter picking, dog & litter bin emptying, dog fouling, graffiti, leaf collection, gully emptying and fly tipping
  • Street Lighting & Illuminated Street furniture maintenance - street lights, traffic signals, illuminated signs and bollards
  • Structures - bridges, footbridges and subways
  • Grounds Maintenance - weeds, hedges, verges, shrub beds and flower beds
  • Trees - all tree maintenance
  • Network Management - notices, road closures, liaison & communications with utility companies and stakeholders
  • Winter Maintenance - gritting runs, salt bins, notifications, updates