Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Our international EAM consultancy service brings vast global experience and innovative technologies into strategic, tactical and operational asset management

Capable - EAM Capability complemented by Colas Group Worldwide 

Leaders - Leaders in geospatial/BIM using innovative techniques enhanced by OS

Practitioners - of Strategic, Tactical and Operational asset management

Our unique, versatile toolkit underpins this service. By selecting components from the toolkit to supplement your existing capabilities, we deliver a bespoke solution in line with your specific business objectives and budget. This flexible, customer-centric approach on every project will maximise the future potential of your highways assets.

Integrating people & processes

Our processes and procedures are the catalyst for bringing people and technologies together, interacting in a harmonious, beneficial relationship. We deliver practical procedures that define maintain and implement asset management strategies to meet your needs.

Infrastructure management decisions

Our extensive experience in managing long-term contracts will help you make the right decisions relating to the creation, operation and management of your highways assets. We provide effective management of essential assets driven by your key strategic objectives and policies and supported by people, data, processes, systems and resources. 

Understanding the entire project life cycle

Our residual life models help guide critical decisions throughout a project, to ensure you get the most from your asset base. We can model this from initial concept through to manufacture, utilisation, maintenance and decommissioning

Efficient information management

The complex nature of the highways sector produces numerous stream of disparate data from a range of sources. Colas offers a full data audit, which helps identify gaps and sets the platform for us to develop risk-based data management strategies that focus on maximising collection and minimising costs.

Maximising funding potential

To secure project funding, you need to build the most convincing case possible. Our EAM tools analyse your data to build robust business cases that support bids for funding from all available sources including DfT, LEPs and European bodies. 

Simulating real world conditions

Understanding the extent, age, condition, usage and behaviour of assets is vital to support effective planning. Colas combines asset data with geospatial systems to simulate real-world conditions and construct a digital twin of your asset. This empowers the most accurate and appropriate asset management strategies. 

AssetGlobe Toolkit

AssetGlobe is our bespoke EAM toolkit, defined and designed by our global research and development teams, and informed by our vast global experience. All AssetGlobe tools are fully compliant with security and data standards - and meet the global demands of "Infrastructure for Spatial Infomation in Europe" (INSPIRE) 


Designed to work wherever you are, on every device, for managing projects day to day.


Combines a wide range of asset-related data to help you develop efficient works programmes.


Delivers spend profiles of different project scenarios to support the business case for investment in the optimal solution.


Applies the Rational Design Approach to analyse pavement construction and determine the remaining life of the asset.


Ground-breaking carbon footprint consumption tool, evaluates and reports on energy consumption and CO generated 

Asset Management Checklist

We can help you in unlocking the performance of your highways assets by:

  • Getting the right funding for each project
  • Improving risk-based data management
  • Complying with global requirements of INSPIRE
  • Understanding the future lifespan of pavements
  • Having the right carbon footprint comparison tools