Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) offer is a global, strategic, tactical and operational consultancy service.

Capable - EAM Capability complemented by Colas Group Worldwide 

Leaders - Leaders in geospatial/BIM using innovative techniques enhanced by OS

Practitioners - of Strategic, Tactical and Operational asset management

We are flexible and knowledge centric. We deliver bespoke solutions built around your business objectives and we learn from our experience as practitioners providing asset improvement and maintenance works in the field. 

Integrating people & processes

The processes and procedures we use are the ‘glue' which govern how our people and technologies interact with each other. Procedures are critical, and have to be practical enough to define, maintain and enforce.

Infrastructure management

This is the management of essential operation components, such as policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts. Understanding these and managing them are key to overall effectiveness.

Residual life models

Residual life models consist of ways of making decisions about the management of in-service assets, and the maintenance, repair or replacement of any deteriorating assets.

Lifecycle modelling

We model the entire lifecycle of our projects, from the initial concepts and design through to the manufacture, utilisation, maintenance and eventual decommissioning process.

Asset information modelling

An Asset Information Model (AIM) is a data model that contains all the digital data needed to operate the asset.

Geospatial modelling

These are analytical procedures that allow us to simulate real-world conditions. This is especially useful when working out the impact of geographic features like hills and water sources on projects.


Our Enterprise Asset Management offer is a combination of our professional knowledge and complemented by a suite of tools known as AssetGlobe. Our global research and development teams typically take the lead in defining and developing new tools.

All our tools are all developed to be compliant with security and data standards, and are in line with the global requirements of Infrastructure for Spatial InfoRmation in Europe (INSPIRE).


This is an operational asset management tool which manages the day-to-day activities and requirements of our projects. It’s designed to be used on the road with a mobile device as well as in the office.


Evolve is a tactical asset management tool, which uses a wide range of asset inventory and data to help managers develop efficient works programmes.


Hummock is a tool which identifies long term spend profile of possible projects, to support the business case for investment.


Identifies the remaining lifespan of pavements – both the surface asset and the condition of the sub-surface.


This is a carbon footprint comparison tool, which evaluates and reports on the CO2 generated and energy consumption.