Asset Management

Our intelligent asset management service keeps road users moving safely all day, every day.

The importance of a strategic approach to planning and managing Transport networks is more important than ever. We have the systems, techniques, and experience to deliver all the network requirements our customers have.

As well as our UK teams, we also take advantage of the support of our sister companies and global network to reduce cost and ensure value to the travelling public and our customers.

365 days per year, 24 hour operations

Creating savings for Local Authorities through intelligent Asset Management

We look after 72,000 lighting columns, illuminated signs and bollards

In Portsmouth we maintain 458km of roads and 5489km of pavements

Our Asset Management Services Offer

The Colas Asset Management approach combines experience from the work we’ve completed for UK Local Authorities, Highways England contracts, as well as in Ireland and Australia. We use our Enterprise Asset Management solution to support and deliver smart decisions and help us provide the right solution for any long term network planning requirement.  

We know that the key to successful outcome-focused delivery is holding quality working relationships with our customers and suppliers. This is achieved through self-delivery - our core Asset Management concept and an efficient way of delivering an exemplary service that is of excellent value and cost-effective. Our intelligence-led outcome-driven approach uses local resources, allowing us  to proactively manage network maintenance, supported and assured by our national infrastructure.

We are industry-leading investors in research and development, safety solutions, delivery techniques and specialist solutions.

Close working relationships are key to delivering a successful contract. Working with Highways England, we drive value by innovative cost effective solutions, managing delivery focused on the needs of the asset and long term management, making sure the client’s goals are met.

  • Highway Term Maintenance services in our Portsmouth PFI and through Joint Ventures
  • Enterprise Asset Management – a flexible service to deliver strategic, tactical and operational Asset Management
  • Intelligent Transport Systems including Street Lighting, Traffic Signals Equipment, Electronic Variable Message Signs
  • Mechanical Services including Commercial Fleet Servicing and Maintenance Operations and Vehicle Body Shops

Highway Maintenance

Through our Highways England contracts we are responsible for around a third of the strategic road network in the UK. We provide the full spectrum of planned and reactive maintenance services, including winter maintenance, network inspections, reactive repairs, road surfacing and street lighting works.

Recognising the pressures on the public purse, we’re constantly searching for ways to improve our services whilst supporting our clients in delivering efficiencies. Focusing on the safety of our workers and the road users, we are developing our staff to provide rapid and effective response for reducing congestion and improving journey time reliability.

We place the customer at the heart of everything we do. We’re committed to delivering a service that directly addresses the needs of the communities we work in.

Enterprise Asset Management

Colas Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a flexible service that is bespoke to meet your business objectives centred on the use of data and knowledge gained through real experience in the delivery of strategic, tactical and operational Asset Management.

Enterprise Asset Management

Integrated Transport Systems

One of our unique selling points is that we design and manufacture our own Integrated Transport Systems and equipment. This enables us to create truly bespoke solutions for our customers and offer a first class, fully flexible installation and commissioning service. 

We offer full product maintenance support and training for end users and maintenance teams, as well as end-to-end integration.

Integrated Transport Systems

Mechanical Services

Our Mechanical Services include servicing and maintaining our commercial fleet, and third-party fleet. This incorporates fabrication workshops and vehicle body-shop servicing of large commercial vehicles and cars, Servicing and Maintenance Operations, and support for Colas safety-related projects.

Mechanical Services

Portsmouth PFI

Colas Portsmouth is responsible for all aspects of highway maintenance in Portsmouth. Portsmouth operate the first UK Highway Maintenance and Management PFI contract for Portsmouth City Council, with a total value of £500m over 25 years.

Portsmouth PFI