Colas Products

Colas operate throughout the UK supplying an extensive range of products to local markets from strategically located depots. With over 90 years of experience in manufacturing within the bitumen and emulsion market, we are able to draw on a vast level of experience and knowledge which is complimented by a strong focus on research and development.

As a result, Colas has built up high level expertise in product manufacture, application techniques and specialist equipment. We are committed to delivering innovation across a number of market sectors with the aim of achieving sustainable solutions for our customers enabling them to deliver best value.

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Colas supply products both Nationally and Internationally

Teams of experts provide external support to customers when needed

Colas provides external support to customers through a geographical sales and technical resource

Colas services local markets through a number of strategically located depots in the UK

Our primary objective

Colas Products operate two manufacturing plants in the UK, at Warrington and Rowfant (Crawley), both of which produce high quality bituminous products.

The primary objective of our Products business is to provide sustainable solutions for our customers which we aim to achieve by:

  • Understanding their needs
  • Working safely
  • Developing our people
  • Adding value

Bitumen and emulsion binders offers

Manufacturing and producing our own bitumen and emulsion binders offers:

Bituminous Products

  • Improved quality control through advanced testing regimes
  • Fast response to binder adjustments
  • Improved demand management processes for ordering and haulage requirements


Colas has developed a package of quality products to assist contractors; utilities and DLO’s, to minimise time spent on carrying out reinstatement works.



Colas offer a range of materials that are designed to seal the joints in patches/reinstatements and to carry out repairs to static cracks.



Colas provide a range of materials from a high performance high friction binder which is mixed on site to preformed products which are ready to use and simple to apply.



Colas produce a range of Asphaltic Plug Joint and Sealant materials at our manufacturing plant near Crawley. The products are specially formulated to a high quality for each type of repair and are available in different grades to suit climatic conditions throughout the world.


Footway surface treatments

Worn and uneven footways are a sensitive issue and their refurbishment can be both time consuming and expensive. Colas manufacture a number of materials to provide the customer with a choice of options to enable them to pick the best solution to fit their specific requirement. Use of the appropriate treatment will bring about an immediate improvement in the appearance of the footway and prevent further deterioration.

Footway surface treatments


Colas produce a waterproofing material which when applied provides a protective coating on concrete structures; e.g. bridge abutments; retaining walls; culverts; etc.

Ancillary products

In addition to the portfolio of materials manufactured in-house Colas offer a range of ancillary products. This ranges from complimentary materials to an extensive range of tools and other equipment that are required in the application of our products. 



To address the growing demand for high performance bond coats Colas has increased its product range. In addition to the well-established Colbond 50 the range has been enhanced with the addition of Colbond Multi which has been developed to form a uniform film of polymer modified bitumen on both horizontal and vertical faces forming a strong adhesive bond between bituminous overlay and the existing surface.

Bond coats

Surface dressing

Surface Dressing is a well-established viable and economic technique for the maintenance of all road surfaces. The application of the of Surface Dressing to a road surface seals the road surface preventing the ingress of water; arrests disintegration and provides a non-skid surface as well as helping to reduce surface water spray. If used effectively the process can extend the life of the road eliminating the need for more intense and ultimately more expensive road maintenance treatments. Colas offer a full range of products from conventional, non-Polymer, through to Super Premium binders as well as technical support in relation to design.

Surface dressing


Colas offer a range of pre-packaged special cements to cover a variety of applications in the Highways sector, from basic quick set mortars to the more specialised cementitious materials.

Toll Manufacturing

The strength of our Technical expertise with both anionic and cationic emulsions, together with the flexibility of our plants at Warrington and Rowfant enable us to design and/or manufacture bituminous products to meet a customer’s requirements or to their specific recipe.