Ralumac - Cold Applied Microasphalt

Ralumac is a HAPAS approved environmentally friendly, convenient and cost effective way of rejuvenating wearing courses and improving their appearance and effectiveness.

It can be an effective part of any asset management strategy, preventing further damage and preserving pavement structure.

Takes out potholes up to 40mm deep

Ready for traffic in just under 30 minutes

Sustainable, energy saving solutions

Greater strength and durability

Ralumac High Texture

A quickly-applied polymer-modified microasphalt surface treatment, Ralumac High Texture (HT) is a fast and effective solution for worn-out road surfaces. Ralumac HT incorporates heavier-grade aggregates giving the finished road a more durable surface texture.

Ralumac 2000

Ralumac 2000 is a cold applied 0/6mm wearing course which incorporates a polymer modified bitumen emulsion and cellulose fibres, fibreglass can be added as a SAMI to reduce the effect of reflective cracking, with high quality aggregates.

Ralumac 1000

Ralumac 1000 is a cold applied polymer modified treatment suitable for a wide variety of sites but is particularly appropriate for restricted sites with limited access and high speed sites with heavier levels of traffic.

Ralumac High Texture

Like our other Ralumac products, Ralumac High Texture (HT) quickly fills ruts, improves skid resistance and protects a road surface from water damage. 

Ralumac HT is BBA HAPAS approved and is used on category A roads, including local authority roads, motorways and other major routes carrying the greatest quantities of traffic.

Compared to our other Ralumac surface treatments, it incorporates heavier-grade aggregates giving the finished road a more durable surface texture. This makes it suitable for even the most heavily trafficked roads. Working with initial texture depth of 2.00mm ad filling ruts and deformations within one pass.

Ralumac 2000

At the forefront of micro surfacing technology, Ralumac 2000 system is a cold applied surfacing designed and developed by Colas.With enhanced material specification and incorporating fibres, it is the ideal solution for roads which require a long lasting and stable surface. It is particularly appropriate for the high speed sites.

Ralumac 2000 is applied through an articulated, variable width laying box, designed and built in-house. This has the capability of applying material in widths ranging from 2.7m to 3.9m. Longitudinal joints are kept to a minimum and handwork is reduced. This allows the surfacing to be applied more quickly and uniformly.

Ralumac 1000

Based on well-tried German technology and extensive UK contracting experience, Ralumac 1000 fills ruts, restores profile and treats a deteriorating road surface.

Applied by Colas Midi Applicator machine, Ralumac 1000 is particularly appropriate for sites with limited access or restricted turning space. Residential estate roads can be treated with little or no handwork and a consistent, high quality finish can be given to bellmouths, turning circles and narrow lanes.

Measuring only 9.75m long by 2.2m wide with an articulated laying box, the Midi Applicator carries all the necessary components, mixes them on site and applies the material to the road surface.


  • Versatile surfacing treatment
  • Cold mix properties reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Resolves wheel track rutting and deformations
  • Specialist machines carry all the components of the treatment and can complete them in a single pass Double Coat Application
  • Low noise characteristics
  • Can withstand heavily trafficked roads and principle routes
  • Uniformed and sealed finish