Specialist Processes and Surface Treatments

Specialist road repair and maintenance

Colas has decades of experience and expertise in repairing, protecting and extending the usable lifespan of infrastructure roads, footways and other surfaces. When roads surfaces develop ruts and deformations, have water problems and where skid resistance starts to fall, our affordable specialist surface treatment solutions will help maintain safety standards and extend the life of your roads by up to 10 years. We supply options to repair and upgrade the surface, without necessarily needing to engage in a far more costly and time-consuming resurfacing programme.

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Fibredec Heritage Surfacing Brochure



Fibredec Surface Dressing

For maintaining large areas of road network and surfaces, Fibredec surface dressing is a good solution

  • Works by combining our own manufactured emulsion with glass fibres
  • Waterproof, increasing tensile strength and is resistant to cracking
  • Highly cost effective, fast and efficient
  • Apply decorative aggregates


For Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) road that is reaching the end of its life, Microasphalt is a good solution

  • Takes out ruts and pot holes up to 40mm thick, and extends the life of a road by up to 10 years 
  • Improves the appearance and skid resistance
  • Reduces disruption to local traffic, as it is cold applied, and is ready in just 30 minutes

Ralumac High Texture

Category A roads are best repaired with our BBA HAPAS approved Ralumac High Texture (HT)

  • Initial texture depth of 2.00mm
  • Fill ruts and deformations in one pass
  • Increases ride quality
  • Low levels of traffic disruption and congestion


For efficient and cost effective treatment of tar contamination, use Retread recycling

  • Treats tar contamination without any material leaving site, saving you disposal costs
  • Treats the top 75mm layer and lasts as long as a conventional reconstruction

Deep In-situ recycling

Deeper structural issues and contaminated areas can be addressed with Deep In-situ recycling

  • It treats areas with depths from 150mm to 350mm
  • Reduces time on site by up to 60% and reduces traffic disruption for road users

High Friction and Anti-Skid surfacing

For high-risk areas with high accident rates, High Friction and Anti-Skid surfacing solutions will highlight lane delineation or other surface, increase safety and reduce risk

  • Can be used on all classes of roads, cycleways and footways
  • Drastically improves the skid resistance of treated surfaces
  • Can be applied using a variety of coloured finishes


Colas Repave is a hot in situ recycling process for rejuvenating and resurfacing existing surface courses on carriageways and airfields. It minimises the need to remove existing material to go to landfill.

Our Repave process is the only in situ surface course recycling process that is currently available in the UK. 

The process can also address the following pavement defects

  • Deteriorating skid resistance     
  • Cracking and crazing caused by hardened binder in the surface course Revelled and fretted surfaces or chipping
  • Ruts, pot holes and poor ride quality         
  • Reflective cracking

In addition it can be used to provide economic short-term remedial measures prior to major strengthening works at a later date.