Specialist Processes and Surface Treatments

Innovative, specialist road repair and maintenance

Colas has over 50 years experience and expertise in repairing, protecting and extending the usable lifespan of infrastructure roads, footways and other surfaces. When roads surfaces develop ruts and deformations, have water problems and where skid resistance starts to fall, our affordable, innovative and unique specialist surface treatment solutions will help maintain safety standards and extend the life of your roads by up to 10 years. 

Whether you have a need to do small road surface repairs or your road requires a deeper resurfacing, Colas innovative surface treatment solutions are flexible and can be prepared to meet your requirements. We supply options to repair and upgrade the surface, without necessarily needing to engage in a far more costly and time-consuming resurfacing programme.

Fibredec Surface Dressing

Fibredec surface dressing is an effective solution for maintaining large areas of road network and surfaces, above and below the surface.

  • Glass fibres are laid on Colas’ own bitumen emulsion
  • Waterproof, increasing tensile strength and is resistant to cracking
  • Highly cost effective, fast and efficient
  • Apply decorative aggregates

Fibredec Surface Dressing

Road Recycling Solutions

Colas' innovative and unique road recycling solutions - Repave, Retread and Deep In-situ Recycling. The three sustainable surface processes designed to reduce your carbon footprint and cost, repair structural issues and contaminated areas can be rejuvenated and reconstructed. 

  • Treat roads and footpaths to a depth of 50 to 350mm
  • Reduce time on site by up to 60% and reduces traffic disruption for road users

Road Recycling Solutions

Ralumac Micro Surfacing

Category A roads are best repaired with our BBA HAPAS approved Ralumac High Texture (HT)

  • Initial texture depth of 2.00mm
  • Fills ruts, cracks and deformation
  • Improves ride quality
  • Minimal traffic disruption due to fast application


Hand-Laid Micro Surfacing

Hand-laid micro surfacing, or slurry sealing, is best suited to footpaths and lightly-trafficked roads.  It can regulate ruts and depressions and seal out water.

  • Fills depressions, cracks and small potholes
  • Seals water out to prevent further deterioration
  • Fast application causes minimal disruption to local residents
  • Improves skid resistance and appearance

Slurry Surfacing Microasphalt

High Friction and Anti-Skid surfacing

High friction anti-skid surfacing can be used to improve skid resistance in high-risk areas such as at traffic lights or pedestrian crossings.  Our coloured high friction surfacing can be used in lane delineation, cycle and bus routes.

  • Drastically improves the skid resistance of treated surfaces
  • Can be applied using a variety of coloured finishes