Quarries Product Documents

Quarries Product Documents

Colas Quarry Products documentation is available on this page. Please use the table below to find a document you require.

If you require further information about any of our products and services or would like to discuss your requirements, contact our team on: 

tel. +44 (0) 1326 375 660 

Email us colas.cornwall@colas.co.uk

Carnsew Quarry Asphalt Documents

Carnsew Quarry Asphalt CE Certificates Carnsew Quarry Asphalt DoP Certificates
CQ CE A2101.pdf CQ DOP A2101.pdf
CQ CE A2105.pdf CQ DOP A2105.pdf
CQ CE A2108.pdf CQ DOP A2108.pdf
CQ CE A2109.pdf CQ DOP A2109.pdf
CQ CE A2110.pdf CQ DOP A2110.pdf
CQ CE A2201.pdf CQ DOP A2201.pdf
CQ CE A2205.pdf CQ DOP A2205.pdf
CQ CE A3304.pdf CQ DOP A3304.pdf
CQ CE A3403.pdf CQ DOP A3403.pdf
CQ CE A3404.pdf CQ DOP A3404.pdf
CQ CE A3502v2.pdf CQ DOP A3502v2.pdf
CQ CE A3503.pdf CQ DOP A3503.pdf
CQ CE A6101.pdf CQ DOP A6101.pdf
CQ CE A6102.pdf CQ DOP A6102.pdf
CQ CE A6104.pdf CQ DOP A6104.pdf
CQ CE A6106.pdf CQ DOP A6106.pdf
CQ CE A6203.pdf CQ DOP A6203.pdf
CQ CE A6204.pdf CQ DOP A6204.pdf
CQ CE A6301.pdf CQ DOP A6301.pdf
CQ CE A6303.pdf CQ DOP A6303.pdf
CQ CE A9007.pdf CQ DOP A9007.pdf
CQ CE M5201.pdf CQ DOP M5201.pdf
CQ CE M5202.pdf CQ DOP M5202.pdf
CQ CE M5203.pdf CQ DOP M5203.pdf
CQ CE M5204.pdf CQ DOP M5204.pdf
CQ CE M5205.pdf CQ DOP M5205.pdf
CQ CE M5206.pdf CQ DOP M5206.pdf
CQ CE M5207.pdf CQ DOP M5207.pdf
CQ CE M5208.pdf CQ DOP M5208.pdf
CQ CE M5209.pdf CQ DOP M5209.pdf
CQ CE M5210.pdf CQ DOP M5210.pdf
CQ CE M5211.pdf CQ DOP M5211.pdf
CQ CE M5212.pdf CQ DOP M5212.pdf
CQ CE M5213.pdf CQ DOP M5213.pdf
CQ CE M5214.pdf CQ DOP M5214.pdf
CQ CE M5215.pdf CQ DOP M5215.pdf
CQ CE M5216.pdf CQ DOP M5216.pdf
CQ CE M5217.pdf CQ DOP M5217.pdf
CQ CE M5218.pdf CQ DOP M5218.pdf
CQ CE M5219.pdf CQ DOP M5219.pdf
CQ CE M5220.pdf CQ DOP M5220.pdf
CQ CE M5221.pdf CQ DOP M5221.pdf
CQ CE M6101.pdf CQ DOP M6101.pdf
CQ CE M6102.pdf CQ DOP M6102.pdf
CQ CE M6401v2.pdf CQ DOP M6401v2.pdf
CQ CE M6402v2.pdf CQ DOP M6402v2.pdf
CQ CE M6403v2.pdf CQ DOP M6403v2.pdf
CQ CE M6404.pdf CQ DOP M6404.pdf
CQ CE M6410v2.pdf CQ DOP M6410v2.pdf
CQ CE M6411v2.pdf CQ DOP M6411v2.pdf
CQ CE M6412v2.pdf CQ DOP M6412v2.pdf
CQ CE M6413.pdf CQ DOP M6413.pdf
CQ CE M6414v2.pdf CQ DOP M6414v2.pdf
CQ CE M6415v2.pdf CQ DOP M6415v2.pdf
CQ CE M6416.pdf CQ DOP M6416.pdf
CQ CE M6417.pdf CQ DOP M6417.pdf
CQ CE M6418.pdf CQ DOP M6418.pdf
CQ CE M6419v2.pdf CQ DOP M6419v2.pdf
CQ CE M6420v2.pdf CQ DOP M6420v2.pdf
CQ CE M6501v2.pdf CQ DOP M6501v2.pdf
CQ CE M6502v2.pdf CQ DOP M6502v2.pdf
CQ CE M6503v2.pdf CQ DOP M6503v2.pdf
CQ CE M6504v2.pdf CQ DOP M6504v2.pdf
CQ CE M6509v2.pdf CQ DOP M6509v2.pdf
CQ CE M6510v2.pdf CQ DOP M6510v2.pdf
CQ CE M6511v2.pdf CQ DOP M6511v2.pdf
CQ CE M6516v2.pdf CQ DOP M6516v2.pdf
CQ CE M6517v2.pdf CQ DOP M6517v2.pdf
CQ CE M6518v2.pdf CQ DOP M6518v2.pdf
CQ CE M6519.pdf CQ DOP M6519.pdf
CQ CE M6520v2.pdf CQ DOP M6520v2.pdf
CQ CE M6521v2.pdf CQ DOP M6521v2.pdf
CQ CE M6522v2.pdf CQ DOP M6522v2.pdf
CQ CE M6523v2.pdf CQ DOP M6523v2.pdf
CQ CE M6524v2.pdf CQ DOP M6524v2.pdf
CQ CE M6525v2.pdf CQ DOP M6525v2.pdf
CQ CE M6526v2.pdf CQ DOP M6526v2.pdf
CQ CE M6527v2.pdf CQ DOP M6527v2.pdf
CQ CE M6528v2.pdf CQ DOP M6528v2.pdf
CQ CE M6532v2.pdf CQ DOP M6532v2.pdf
CQ CE M6533v2.pdf CQ DOP M6533v2.pdf
CQ CE M6534v2.pdf CQ DOP M6534v2.pdf
CQ CE M7101.pdf CQ DOP M7101.pdf
CQ CE M7102.pdf CQ DOP M7102.pdf
CQ CE M7201.pdf CQ DOP M7201.pdf
CQ CE M7202.pdf CQ DOP M7202.pdf
CQ CE M7301v2.pdf CQ DOP M7301v2.pdf
CQ CE M7302v2.pdf CQ DOP M7302v2.pdf
CQ CE M7309v2.pdf CQ DOP M7309v2.pdf
CQ CE M7312v2.pdf CQ DOP M7312v2.pdf
CQ CE M7313v2.pdf CQ DOP M7313v2.pdf
CQ CE M7314v2.pdf CQ DOP M7314v2.pdf
CQ CE M7315v2.pdf CQ DOP M7315v2.pdf
CQ CE M7316v2.pdf CQ DOP M7316v2.pdf
CQ CE M7317.pdf CQ DOP M7317.pdf
CQ CE M7401v2.pdf CQ DOP M7401v2.pdf
CQ CE M7402v2.pdf CQ DOP M7402v2.pdf
CQ CE M7404v2.pdf CQ DOP M7404v2.pdf
CQ CE M7405v2.pdf CQ DOP M7405v2.pdf
CQ CE M7409v2.pdf CQ DOP M7409v2.pdf
CQ CE M7410v2.pdf CQ DOP M7410v2.pdf
CQ CE M7411v2.pdf CQ DOP M7411v2.pdf
CQ CE M7412v3.pdf CQ DOP M7412v3.pdf
CQ CE M7413v2.pdf CQ DOP M7413v2.pdf
CQ CE M7414v2.pdf CQ DOP M7414v2.pdf
CQ CE M7415v2.pdf CQ DOP M7415v2.pdf
CQ CE M7416v2.pdf CQ DOP M7416v2.pdf
CQ CE M7417v2.pdf CQ DOP M7417v2.pdf
CQ CE M7501.pdf CQ DOP M7501.pdf
CQ CE M7502.pdf CQ DOP M7502.pdf
CQ CE M7504.pdf CQ DOP M7504.pdf
CQ CE M7505.pdf CQ DOP M7505.pdf
CQ CE M7506.pdf CQ DOP M7506.pdf
CQ CE M7508.pdf CQ DOP M7508.pdf
CQ CE M7509v2.pdf CQ DOP M7509v2.pdf
CQ CE M7601.pdf CQ DOP M7601.pdf
CQ CE M7602.pdf CQ DOP M7602.pdf
CQ CE M7606.pdf CQ DOP M7606.pdf
CQ CE M7607.pdf CQ DOP M7607.pdf
CQ CE M7901.pdf CQ DOP M7901.pdf
CQ CE M9003.pdf CQ DOP M9003.pdf
CQ CE M9004.pdf CQ DOP M9004.pdf
CQ CE M9019v2.pdf CQ DOP M9019v2.pdf
CQ CE S0601.pdf CQ DOP S0601.pdf
CQ CE S0602.pdf CQ DOP S0602.pdf
CQ CE S0603.pdf CQ DOP S0603.pdf
CQ CE S0604.pdf CQ DOP S0604.pdf
CQ CE S1000.pdf CQ DOP S1000.pdf
CQ CE S1002.pdf CQ DOP S1002.pdf
CQ CE S1004v2.pdf CQ DOP S1004v2.pdf
CQ CE S1005v2.pdf CQ DOP S1005v2.pdf
CQ CE S1006v2.pdf CQ DOP S1006v2.pdf
CQ CE S1008v2.pdf CQ DOP S1008v2.pdf
CQ CE S1012v2.pdf CQ DOP S1012v2.pdf
CQ CE S1013v2.pdf CQ DOP S1013v2.pdf
CQ CE S1014v2.pdf CQ DOP S1014v2.pdf
CQ CE S1015v2.pdf CQ DOP S1015v2.pdf
CQ CE S1018v2.pdf CQ DOP S1018v2.pdf
CQ CE S1019v2.pdf CQ DOP S1019v2.pdf
CQ CE S1024v2.pdf CQ DOP S1024v2.pdf
CQ CE S1025v2.pdf CQ DOP S1025v2.pdf
CQ CE S1026.pdf CQ DOP S1026.pdf
CQ CE S1027.pdf CQ DOP S1027.pdf
CQ CE S1028.pdf CQ DOP S1028.pdf
CQ CE S1030.pdf CQ DOP S1030.pdf
CQ CE S1031.pdf CQ DOP S1031.pdf
CQ CE S1032.pdf CQ DOP S1032.pdf
CQ CE S1033.pdf CQ DOP S1033.pdf
CQ CE S1400.pdf CQ DOP S1400.pdf
CQ CE S1402.pdf CQ DOP S1402.pdf
CQ CE S1405v2.pdf CQ DOP S1405v2.pdf
CQ CE S1407v2.pdf CQ DOP S1407v2.pdf
CQ CE S1408v2.pdf CQ DOP S1408v2.pdf
CQ CE S1410v2.pdf CQ DOP S1410v2.pdf
CQ CE S1417v2.pdf CQ DOP S1417v2.pdf
CQ CE S1418v2.pdf CQ DOP S1418v2.pdf
CQ CE S1419v2.pdf CQ DOP S1419v2.pdf
CQ CE S1422v2.pdf CQ DOP S1422v2.pdf
CQ CE S1423.pdf CQ DOP S1423.pdf
CQ CE S1424.pdf CQ DOP S1424.pdf
CQ CE S1425v2.pdf CQ DOP S1425v2.pdf
CQ CE S1426v2.pdf CQ DOP S1426v2.pdf
CQ CE S1427v2.pdf CQ DOP S1427v2.pdf
CQ CE S1428v2.pdf CQ DOP S1428v2.pdf
CQ CE S2003.pdf CQ DOP S2003.pdf
CQ CE T1001.pdf CQ DOP T1001.pdf


Carnsew Quarry aggregates for Concrete Documents

Carnsew Quarry aggregates for Concrete CE Certificates Carnsew Quarry aggregates for Concrete DoP Certificates
CQ CE 12620 0-20 all in.pdf CQ DOP 12620 0-20 all in.pdf
CQ CE 12620 10-20 v1.pdf CQ DOP 12620 10-20 v1.pdf
CQ CE 12620 4-10.pdf CQ DOP 12620 4-10.pdf
CQ CE 12620 4-20.pdf CQ DOP 12620 4-20.pdf
CQ CE 12620 Dust.pdf CQ DOP 12620 Dust.pdf


Carnsew Quarry Aggregates for Unbound Mixtures Documents

Carnsew Quarry aggregates for Unbound Mixtures CE Certificates Carnsew Quarry aggregates for Unbound Mixtures DoP Certificates
CQ CE  13242 10C.pdf CQ DOP 13242 10C.pdf
CQ CE  13242 14C.pdf CQ DOP 13242 14C.pdf
CQ CE  13242 20C.pdf CQ DOP 13242 20C.pdf
CQ CE  13242 6C.pdf CQ DOP 13242 6C.pdf
CQ CE  13242 DUST.pdf CQ DOP 13242 DUST.pdf

Carnsew Quarry Armourstone Documents

Carnsew Quarry Armourstone CE Certificates Carnsew Quarry Armourstone DoP Certificates
CQ CE 13383 R2-4.pdf CQ DoP 13383 R2-4.pdf
  CQ DOP 13383 R1-3.pdf
  CQ DOP 13383 R60-300.pdf


Contact the Cornwall Team

If you require further information about any of our products and services or would like to discuss your requirements, contact our team on:

tel. +44 (0) 1326 375 660 or email colas.cornwall@colas.co.uk