Marine Construction & Coastal Engineering

Marine Construction

Colas has the experience and capabilities to deliver marine and coastal engineering works across the UK. We have an in-house team of specialists who specialise in delivering world-class solutions in these environments.

Our customers include local authorities, defence (such as BAE Systems), and port authorities.

We always look to identify innovative solutions that mitigate risk and deliver great value. We can tailor our services to meet any requirement.

Coastal and flood protection

We offer a variety of coastal and flood protection services to help preserve our country’s landscape and infrastructure. These include:

  • Surveys and inspections
  • Specialist coastal design services
  • Flood and sea wall renovations and installations
  • Grouting and re-pointing
  • Culvert works
  • Sheet pile installation, renovation and protection
  • Beach management
  • Groyne repairs and installations
  • Rock armour
  • Marine concrete works
  • Pathways, roads and promenade installation and repair

Asset life extension and structural repairs and maintenance

Sustainability is at the heart of our business, and one way of delivering on this is to extend the life of marine assets, instead of replacing them.

Repair is typically only the fraction of the cost of new assets, and often comes without disruption to existing services.

Our services include:

  • Surveys and inspections, including side scan underwater services
  • Corrosion measurement and mitigation
  • Marine asset repair including installation and maintenance for wooden, steel and concrete structures
  • Through-life maintenance support
  • Marine concrete works including inspection, installation and repair

Piled asset repair

We have specialist expertise for the life extension and repair of piled assets, including jetties and other marine structures.

Our services include:

  • Galvanic anode and impressed current systems for protecting steel
  • Micro-concrete encasement for wood and concrete piles
  • Restoration of load bearing ratings by carbon strip application, including shear situations
  • Repair and future protection of spalled concrete

Approved Denso SeaShield installers

Colas is proud to announce it is an approved Denso SeaShield installer.

We recently installed 278 SeaShield jacket systems on a single pile protection project with full technical compliance providing the client with a warranted 25-year asset life extension.