Durham University

Improvement Project for sustainable travel options

Project updates and progress

Phase 9

Hollingside Lane/ South Road Juntion

Started 25/2/20

Phase 10

Phase 10 works from Hollingside Lane to the Victor Watts Library

Started 29/6/20

Upper Mountjoy Works

12 new or widened footpaths

Started 6/7/20




Phase 12:

Phase 12 works from the Victor Watts Library to Fountains Hall will start 3/08/20. Works in this phase involve:

  • New footpath from the new raised table at the front of Victor Watts Library along Hollingside Lane to Fountains Hall.
  • New combined kerb drainage system running the full length of Hollingside Lane.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 works past the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics to the Islamic Prayer Room will start 13/08/20. These works involve:

  • New white lined markings to create a demarcated walkway between the Ogden Centre and the Department of Physics.
  • New cycle path behind the Department of Physics through Little High Wood to the footpath next to the Islamic Prayer Room.
  • Widened footpath from the top of the steps behind the Department of Physics to the Islamic Prayer Room/Junction from South Road to Grey College.

Site Team

David Lynn – Project Manager

Katy Bowmer – Stakeholder Liaison Officer

Mark Walker – Site Manager

The main project resource and newsletters can be found on the Durham University website: www.durham.ac.uk/infrastructure

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