Free Flow Tolling Solutions

Colas have the ability to engineer and design specific solutions to meet your requirements. Our wide range of tolling solutions are suitable for any road type ranging from simple, single lane toll booths, to multi-lane free flow solutions. Our skilled engineers will assist you in making the right choices to preciously meet your needs.

With the support of our comprehensive range of supply chain partners we can design, install maintain and operate a system that is right for you.

With all of our solutions - ease of use is important to us and when combined with open standard interfaces we can ensure that the system is scalable, manageable and flexible for you.

Colas can provide a range of tolling solutions to meet even the most demanding requirements including:

  • Video based detection and recognition
  • Advanced non-intrusive vehicle classification systems
  • DSRC "tag" based schemes
  • Associated verification and enforcement technology and services