Earlier this year, Colas Traffic Management department gained full accreditation for their in house training centre. The training centre opened for business on the 1st April 2011. Training and the development of our people is an important of how we work.

By having an in house training centre the Traffic Management team are able to provide dedicated training objectives and programme for their employees. The in-house training centre creates efficiencies within the business and allows for industry knowledge and expertise to be shared.

In order to comply with various Traffic Management sector scheme requirements, industry leader, Lantra Awards, worked with Colas to ensure that we met the stringent accreditation criteria. After a period of just five months the company were accredited and registered as a sector scheme 12 a, b, c and d training and assessment centre.

The Lantra Award recognition is an important step in the development of our training centre. The achievement of this award demonstrates the capability and determination of the business to develop training which is robust and fulfils the needs of our people.