Microsurfacing Footways (Slurry)

Our Footway Microsurfacing applications are long established services designed to rejuvenate the existing surface. The treatments are designed to improve the appearance of any footway and through a uniformed and sealed finish. The treatments are also designed to alleviate the ingress of water thereby preventing any long lasting damage by frost.

Colas' Footway Microsurfacing treatment is accredited to the National Sector Scheme 13b and ISO 9001.
Our treatments Bitutex FP, Paveseal and Pavecoat are suitable for the refurbishment of footways, car parks, playgrounds, central reservations, traffic islands and hard shoulders.

Bitutex FP is a rapid setting hand applied Footway Microsurfacing, hand applied the cost effective treatment consists of a blend of bitumen emulsion and aggregate, mixed to specific proportions.

Paveseal is a premium fibre enhanced Footway Microsurfacing suitable for sites which require regulating and for the refurbishment of worn concrete surfaces.

Pavecoat is a cold applied, polymer modified, fibre reinforced Footway Microsurfacing suitable for sites with significant levels of deterioration. Pavecoat can be applied to all types of asphalt, macadam and worn concrete surfaces.


  • Protects the existing surface against deterioration and the effects of weather.
  • Rapid setting properties
  • Provides a uniformed and sealed finish
  • Site can be opened to traffic within 30 minutes
  • Surface texture can be varied for specific requirements

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