Retread is our cold in-situ road recycling process. We have been operating this process for over 40 years for both Carriageways and Footways and have highly experienced teams working across the UK using specifically adapted plant and equipment.

The process is versatile in its application and the benefits of it being an in-situ process means access and movements to and from the site are significantly reduced. Colas' Retread process can be applied to many hard to reach areas across urban and rural landscapes without disrupting the local community or impacting local traffic.

Our Retread process offers significant savings of: 

  • Reduced waste and use of new materials
  • Cost
  • Time
  • Energy Consumption
  • Carbon Emissions.

This is achieved as Colas' Retread process is quicker to complete and uses only a fraction of the raw materials in traditional resurfacing. Retread offers reduced costs, negligible waste production and significantly minimises site occupation, disruption and landfill costs. Through reducing the output of energy consumption, carbon emissions and waste, clients are able to make greener choices and lower their carbon footprint.

Case Studies