The treatment is a patented and proprietary process applied by Colas and our fully trained and licenced teams.
Fibredec is a unique combination of bitumen emulsion, chopped glass fibre and aggregate. Together these form a strong, flexible and waterproof matrix which has a variety of uses both above and below the road surface.

The treatment can be applied as a single coat, double coat or a racked dressing and can be laid to the required thickness depending on the site application.
Fibredec is highly versatile and can applied on a variety of sites including; carriageway, central reservations, car parks, parks and recreational areas, waterways, footpaths, towpaths and cycleways and driveways.

In a single operation, specialist machinery cuts and applies the glass fibres between two layers of Fibredec binder to form a sandwich type matrix.
Above the road surface Fibredec will waterproof and bind cracked and crazed surfaces, restoring skid resistance and enhancing the appearance of the surface. The treatment can be utilised to treat cracked, crazed and potholed roads as an efficient alternative.

For decorative and aesthetic purposes Fibredec can also be used, Fibredec is one of our many heritage surfacing techniques. The treatment still uses a combination of bitumen emulsion and chopped glass fibre however for the aggregates a wide range of natural or pigmented colours maybe used.

Fibredec as a SAMI

Below the road surface Fibredec takes on a different form as a Stress Absorbing Membrane Layer (SAMI), a crack inhibiting membrane layer. The treatment is sprayed in-situ for oversite sealing and binding prior to application of the subsequent layers.