High Friction Surfacing provides a skid resistant surface and helps to reduce the potential for accidents to occur and contribute towards a safer environment, particularly during wet weather conditions.
Colas have been developing high friction surfacing materials for over 40 years. Our High Friction Surfacing system can also be adapted to include one of a range of aggregates designed to provide appropriate skid resistance, texture and colour. Colas' high friction surfacing system is Colasgrip.
Colasgrip and materials, manufactured at our Warrington depot, were developed by our highly skilled Products and Materials specialists.
Colasgrip is a modified and further enhanced form of our high performance HAPAS certified Spraygrip material. Colasgrip can provide gretater strength, aesthetic benefits and is an odourless material, before and after application. Colasgrip is also applied by our experienced teams nationally throughout the UK.

Colasgrip has built a solid reputation for providing high strength surfaces at a variety of locations. In situations where there is potential for high lateral stress caused be vehicles and high volumes of traffic a synthetic resin is recommended.

Colasgrip provides a colourless epoxy resin binder, which may be coloured by the addition of pigment to blend with the customer's choice of aggregate. The durable and odourless qualities make it an ideal surfacing treatment for both urban routes and sites and decorative surfacing schemes.

Colasgrip can be applied on the approaches to:

  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Traffic Signals
  • Roundabouts
  • Junctions  

 and on

  • Motorway junctions
  • Feeder and exit lanes
  • Fast bends
  • Lane merging
  • Bridge decks
  • Bus lanes
  • Cycle lanes 
  • Decorative Surfacing Schemes

Colasgrip provides high performance and durability high levels of stress and traffic.

Colasgrip durability will ensure reduced whole life costs.


• Odourless material environmentally friendly
• Resistant to fuel, oil and solvent spillage, and de-icing salts
• Helps reduce the potential for accidents through high levels of skid resistance
• Fast and efficient application process
• Can be used for decorative surfacing schemes
• Durable and can withstand high levels of stress and traffic
• Minimal surface preparation required
• Reduce time on site and road space occupation
High strength treatment is low toxic odourless

High strength treatment is odourless

Colasgrip has rapidly gained recognition as a reputable treatment for providing a high strength and aesthetic surface at a variety of locations. In London Colasgrip was applied at the National Gallery as decorative finish which complements the surrounding environment and buildings. The Gallery needed a strengthened surface treatment for its underground service area for supporting refuse bins and a large bulking skip. However they also wanted a treatment which provided a decorative finish.
As a colourless epoxy resin binder through the addition of pigment and selection of coloured aggregates, the National Gallery achieved a finish with met their specifications, grey bauxites were used to provide the greatest strength and durability and desired surface colour.
The material has proven to be a high quality and superior material offering the combined benefits of odourless properties, enhanced durability and a decorative high friction surfacing.