Surface Treatments

At Colas we design, manufacture, supply and apply an extensive range of surface treatments to offer our customers the most cost effective solution. We are leaders and innovators in this field with over 80 years of experience in surface treatment solutions. Surface treatments have and continue to be one of our principle services to the market.  

Our Surface Treatments are designed to provide our customers with the right solution for their surface problems. Our treatments undergo rigorous in house laboratory testing for quality purposes and our dedicated technical and development team continuously work on material modifications, product developments and improvements.

Investment into surfacing

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Our comprehensive portfolio of surface treatments is further enhanced by our backing and support from our parent company the International Colas Group.

Each year the Colas International Group invest approximately €70million into research and development. The investment and creation of new surfacing materials and techniques is vast to date Colas SA have developed a portfolio of 130 patents.

This commitment towards technical development and research has created a culture of innovation and improvement. Through the on-going process of product development and modification our customers are assured that our services offer superior performance.

Going Green

Research and development proves integral if we are to face the sustainability challenges which face us ahead.

Our Road Recycling processes have been operational for the past 50 years, and offer surface course and deep recycling solutions for our customers. The processes may be completed on carriageways and footways. Each treatment provides customers with a durable and sustainable alternative to conventional surfacing treatments.

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Environmental calculator

Colas' environmental calculator software allows us to measure the carbon footprint of our processes through measuring energy consumption and green house gas emissions. The software allows alternative processes or methods to be displayed alongside each other, providing a quick and easy comparison tool for designers and project managers.

It also allows us to offer clients numerical data on the energy consumption and emission savings made when using our road recycling processes. The analysis allows an accurate assessment of environmental impact as evidence to support sustainability targets. Customers who choose our road recycling processes receive a complimentary report on the savings made towards energy consumption and emissions.

Typical savings achieved can be up to 60% for energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


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