Resin Bound

Our decorative surfacing design brings together a combination of materials, carefully selected to harmonise with their surrounds and designed to meet the requirements of different site conditions and usage patterns. We can offer and install a range of different surfacing techniques, depending on the site area.

During the specification of any site it is crucial that the materials sourced blend and complement the surrounding landscape and architecture. Colas' developed decorative surfacing designs provide a durable and strengthen surface without compromising the need for an aesthetically enhancing finish.
Our commitment to care of the site and attention to detail has made Colas the choice of many prestigious clients.

Colas Is able to provide a range of processes carried out by specialist operators and bespoke machinery to the decorative surfacing sector. Each site is assessed to ensure the appropriate process and materials are chosen. Our design process takes customers through a verified step by step guide to ultimately ensure the right surface design is chosen.

Fibredec - An effective solution to problems above and below the surface 

Lwd 1582-82Fibredec is a unique combination of bitumen emulsion, aggregate and chopped glass fibres, designed to provide a durable, strengthened and decorative finish. Fibredec can utilise a wide range of natural or pigmented aggregates, providing a diversity of aesthetic blends to suit all environments. 

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Colasgrip - A high performance non-toxic high friction coloured surfacing

Colasgrip IiiColasgrip provides a colourless epoxy resin binder which maybe coloured by the addition of pigment to blend with the customer's choice of aggregate. Natural or pigmented aggregates maybe selected. The durable and non toxic qualities make it an ideal surface treatment for urban routes and decorative surfacing schemes.