Exterior Lighting

Recognising the impact brighter and well maintained lighting has on local communities; our Specialist Electrical team is dedicated to the provision of design, installation and maintenance of street and car park lighting. Our services are designed around the requirements of local authority contracts and private lighting schemes.

Colas has designed, supplied and installed lighting in the external environment for over 20 years. We are committed to the delivery of external lighting solutions and the provision of safer and harmonious designed local streets.

We can offer you a complete concept design, project management and installation package or work with your designers to produce optimum solutions - the choice is yours. Our experts can help you with energy efficiency to help you to reduce your running costs. Being independent from lantern manufacturers allows us the total freedom to recommend the best product for your needs. 

To read more about our services, have a look at our Street Lighting brochure.

Our Services:

  • Design and client consultations
  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Storage and handling
  • Installation
  • Testing and maintenance
  • Refurbishment and removal

Our Approach Towards Project Delivery:

  • Create installations that are both functional in design and complement the external environment
  • Reduce our impact on the environment through energy efficient and cost effective solutions right through the project life cycle
  • Design schemes reduction of energy
  • Recycle all waste materials
  • Through highly trained, experienced staff we can provide a responsive and quality driven service
  • Implement tailored customer solutions, considering your requirements, expectations and the wider communite

Whatever we do, we always pay close attention to both the safety of the public and of our own people. 

Our Exterior Lighting Range 

Our expert Exterior Lighting team can work to provide vibrant, sustainable and well maintained lighting for a range of lighting needs and requirements: 

  • LED
  • Decorative Lighting 
  • Flood Lighting 
  • Road Lighting 
  • Feature Lighting 

These can be installed and maintained for different sites and contracts:

  • Car Parks 
  • Footways 
  • Roads
  • Major Trunk Roads and Highways 
  • Architectural 
  • Pedestrianised Areas 
  • Amenities and Recreational Areas 

Working in Term Maintenance Contract Arrangements

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In 2005 Colas were awarded two Street Lighting Maintenance Contracts working for East Sussex County Council and Brighton and Hove City Council to maintain public and amenity lighting. Since then the team have successfully continued to retain the two contracts which involve the upkeep of some 72,000 lighting columns, illuminated signs and bollards, renewal of defective lighting columns and electrical components as well as the replacement of damaged lighting columns.

Within the contracts Colas have continued to introduce innovations and technological advancements through the use of luminaries in order to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions and the use of hand held data input devices to improve data verification and operational efficiency.

LED commissioned for Brighton and Hove's City heritage sites

Brighton and Hove City Council commissioned several LED (Light Emitting Diodes) projects in the area in order to refurbish and recreate an illuminated and attractive atmosphere. The teams designed and installed functional and decorative LED lighting systems for several listed structures and public areas, including;

  • Historic Colonnade in Madeira Drive
  • Hove Park
  • Trafalgar Street - Brighton Train Station
  • Arches beneath a central Viaduct

These historic locations required discrete yet tasteful lighting to accentuate Victorian features, structures and traditional brickwork. Another objective was to create a safer night time environment as previously these areas were unused during the hours of darkness.

What a bright idea?


East Sussex Councils - Invest to Save programme.

1000 new 140w Cosmopolis main road lanterns were installed for East Sussex County Council over a four month period, for their 'Invest to Save' programme. The project scope was to replace existing 250w lanterns in favour of an energy saving alternative.

The new lanterns also feature state of the art dimming technology offering power savings by around 50% between the hours of midnight and 6am. The dimming process takes place steadily over a ten minute period and is not noticeable to the human eye.

The use of the 'Selenium' lanterns will generate an annual saving of up to £60,000 in energy bills and a 250 tonne reduction of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.