Winter Maintenance

Our experience of operating winter maintenance services is founded on the various contracts we operate throughout the UK and takes into account a wide range of climatic domains from high level trans-Pennine routes to low level urban coastal regions. Through our MAC contracts we are responsible for ensuring the availability of 33% of the trunk road and motorway network. We also undertake the winter maintenance responsibilities for our maintenance contracts in Devon,  and the Wirral. 

Recent winters saw the most prolonged period of sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow for 30 years and placed an unprecedented demand on our operations to keep the designated roads accessible. Despite the severe weather we have demonstrated exceptional levels of planning and subsequent delivery of winter response. 

For each maintenance contract we produce a Winter Operational Plan that describes in detail how we plan, manage and co-ordinate the winter maintenance service. The plans are reviewed annually to identify potential improvements to the service. In planning and providing our winter and emergency services we aim to keep the road network safe and address the needs of the public, road users and local communities through: 

  • Established good working practices
  • Good communications and co-operation
  • Trained personnel 
  • Reliable vehicles and equipment 
  • Provision of standby additional resources and salt rock