Emergency Response

Our approach to emergency responses is based on years of experience with term maintenance operations across the UK and we have developed specialist resources, systems and procedures to ensure that we provide the best possible service safely, effectively and efficiently. We work closely with the emergency services, our clients, the media and other organisations as necessary to maintain the safety, integrity and traffic movement within the agreed time.

Our MAC contracts include many strategic roads and have operate Incident Support Units (ISUs) to work with the emergency services and the clients Traffic Officer Service in the clearance of any incident and the expeditious movement of traffic occurring on the network ranging from major road traffic collisions to minor incidents such as debris on the carriageway. The ISUs patrol the motorway and trunk road network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The ISUs are the eyes and ears of the network. When they are not attending incidents they carry out routine patrols of the network, identifying and rectifying safety issues where possible, thereby reducing risk to the road user.