Surface Materials and Processes

Our range of airfield materials and processes are carefully designed and specified to provide our customers with durable, low maintenance and an enhanced surface. We work closely with our customers, enabling them to make sustainable investment choices. We achieve this through our innovative and intelligent approach, research and development (R&D) offering, sustainable solutions and value management techniques. To find out more about our embedded culture of innovation and continuous improvement, visit our Innovation page.


Surface Processes

Runway Retexturing: Using our own Colas ‘TurboBlast’ retexturing machine for the application of removal of rubber and surface markings on airfield pavements, highway and residential roads. Our TurboBlast.

Diamond Cutting and Grooving: A suitable process for increasing traction and surface water drainage, which is commonly used on airfield asphalt & concrete pavements. The process consists of using specialist grooving machinery and floor saws. Colas are also capable of undertaking the implementation of anti-skid grooving to asphalt and concrete surfaces.


Surface Materials

Fuel Resistant Colas Materials:

Protecsol A.K.: Is a hydrocarbon resistant film suitable for the protection of a surface wearing course.

Colnak: A fuel resistant bituminous surface course product, manufactured in an asphalt plant and laid with conventional airfield paving equipment.

Aeroseal Slurry: Laid at a depth of 3mm-5mm depth and has been designed to provide enhanced resistance to the spillage of kerosene and oils and an improved barrier protection of the base substrate.

Surface Materials:

Aviation Fibreturf: Ideal alternative for application that require adequate strength for occasional traffic yet do not warrant the cost of hard paved solutions such as asphalt and concrete.

Worthycim Surface Course: Is a durable, jointless, flexible, non-flammable, chemical and fuel resistant surface, which is able to withstand the abrasions and loadings of aircrafts, and HGV.

Colas are committed to research and development of pioneering products and using the latest technology and facilities we have a wide range of Colas products to meet your needs.