Repairs and Sealants

Colas have developed a range of various repair systems to provide our customers with well maintained, safe and durable airfields. Receiving support from our parent company Colas SA, who combined we carried out 11,000 projects annually across 50 countries, we are able to provide innovative new products, process and ideas. To find out more about our embedded culture of innovation and continuous improvement, visit our Innovation page.

Repair Methods and materials to offer

Epoxy repair: Suitable for all concrete surfaces in need of repairs, including sapped joints, corner repairs and surface deformation. Colas have extensive experience using a range of epoxy sealants, such as Addagrip and Maxicrete.

Cementitous repairs: A traditional full depth replacement on concrete pavements using pavement quality concrete or a concrete mix to the requirements of the customer. Suitable for areas that are able to accommodate greater site occupation.

Bituminous repairs: A repair system that can be utilised for temporary emergency and permanent repairs, through the application of various bituminous materials. Instant and cold applied repair systems can be applied, minimising disruption and site occupation. Colas have a range of products that can meet a range of requirements such as Bitucrete and Colpatch.

Joint Repairs and Sealants

Bridge joints: Colas deliver asphaltic plug joints that are BBA HAPAS approved for highways, motorways and car park structures.

Recessed joint repair: Using a Colas overbanding system that provides a stress absorbing inlay crack and joint repair method, using a polymer modified bituminous material.

Cold applied joint sealant: This method is ideal for sealing joints between asphalt and concrete, also suitable for repairing fatigue and reflective cracking. Colas has it's own 'Variomix' cold extruder, which allows pitch free sealants using both fuel and non fuel Colas materials, such as Bitukold.

Hot applied joint sealant: Using hot applied overbanding sealing for cracks situated in concrete and asphalt surfaces. Using our own Colas products such as Coljoint N1 & N2 and Jointfill we are able to meet the required specification at competitive prices.

Colas are committed to research and development of pioneering products and using the latest technology and facilities we have a wide range of Colas products to meet your needs.