Our innovative and sustainable approach in airfields is benchmarked by our capability to successfully introduce new surfacing materials and techniques to the UK airfield market and through our ability to apply an innovative and sustainable approach at key stages of airfield construction and maintenance.

  • Production of materials
  • Specialist plant and equipment
  • Logistical movements and operations
  • Site operations and methods

Backed by our parent company the international Colas Group, we can draw on the expertise and a capability of one the world's leading construction companies. The group have paved and completed numerous airfield projects worldwide.

The recently acclaimed Béton Bitumineux Aéronautique (BBA) surface course material is a product of the research and development capability of the international Colas Group.

Use of our environmental calculator software originally developed by the international Colas Group enables us to provide clients with measurable and quantifiable energy and carbon savings which may be compared against conventional construction methods.

In 2010 research and development expenditure exceeded €70 million the group recognise the importance of providing leading innovative solutions. It is through this extensive resource capability that Colas Ltd can introduce new surfacing materials and techniques to the UK airfield market.

Runway recycling offers great savings

Offering sustainable solutions for airfield operations is an important part of our delivery. Over recent years our portfolio of sustainable solutions in airfields has grown considerably. Our approach considers both the production of materials, logistical movements and finally site operations and methods. To date we have successfully used our Deep Recycling and Repave surface recycling systems for runway, taxiways and aprons.

  • Deep Recycling is a fast, economical cold reconstruction process, which reconstructs to a depth of 150mm to 350mm.
  • Repave is a recycling process for rejuvenating and resurfacing existing surface courses, without the removal of waste or introduction of new materials.

Our commitment to sustainability is further enhanced through our environmental calculator software which provides our customers with quantifiable data of savings achieved for energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Logistical challenges overcome with precision planning

Defence Estates awarded Colas a multi million pound project to refurbish the airfield at Mount Pleasant Airport in the Falkland Islands. Works include refurbishment of all the asphalt surfaces and replacement of all airfield ground lighting together with specialist surface treatments and civil engineering. Colas' previous experience and understanding of successfully undertaking major airfield works in challenging locations was integral for this project.

Significant resources and logistical planning was required to complete the project which is 8000 miles (13,000km) from the UK, including the mobilisation of up to 100 people, two of Colas's own mobile asphalt plants, concrete batching equipment, planers, pavers, rock cutting equipment and binder materials.

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