Mobile Asphalt Plant

Wherever asphalt is required to be manufactured on site for major projects, Colas is able to utilise its mobile asphalt plants.

Use of our mobile asphalt plants on airfield, race circuits and highways has proven to have a significant environmental benefit and is an important part of our sustainable offering.  Colas currently operate three mobile asphalts plant for larger projects and sites.

Use of onsite production means greater control over quality and supplies, minimised site disruption and avoidance of lorry movements on local roads.


Intrame UM280 Plant

The Intrame UM280 Mobile Asphalt Plant was procured in February 2012 to facilitate the runway resurfacing project at Gatwick Airport. As the existing fleet of mobile asphalt plants were being fully utilised on other projects, Colas ordered and procured a second high capacity Intrame batching plant, to bolster the fleet and support the continued growth in major projects.

With no foundations required and a delivery to commissioning period of three weeks, the 3 tonne batch mixing plant can achieve a remarkable mixing capacity of 280 tonnes per hour.

Intrame M260 Plant

The Intrame M260 Mobile Asphalt Plant was procured in April 2010 for the runway resurfacing project at Manchester Airport, Mount Pleasant Airfield in the Falkland Islands. The project called for larger volumes of materials, so the output capacity of the new plant needed to be significantly higher.

With no foundations required and a delivery to commissioning period of three weeks, the plant can achieve a remarkable mixing capacity of 280 tonnes per hour. 

Ermont TSM225 Plant

The Ermont TSM225 has been used on a number of airfield projects, namely; Manchester Airport, Falklands, Isle of Man, Sumburgh Airport, Tiree Airport, Jersey Airport, Islay Airport, Rockingham Motor Speedway and M77 Glasgow.

The plant has been accredited to ISO 9001:2000 under National Highway Sector Scheme 14, together with the latest environmental and quality standards, and is available to provide full production support for all major projects.

All components of the plant, which is operated and maintained by our own personnel, are trailer mounted and require no foundations, enabling a delivery-to-commissioning period of seven to ten days. It is powered by generators, which are also trailer mounted, and benefits from 45 tonnes capacity hot storage for mixed material.

The plant is a continuous mixer with an output rated at 225 tonnes per hour at 4% moisture. However, this may vary depending on types of material being produced.

Bitumen storage capacity is 150t and two grades can be stored simultaneously. Burner fuel storage capacity is 50 tonnes.

Accredited to ISO 14001, our plant currently holds permits to operate in the UK under the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999 and compliant test certificates for particulate emissions.

Colas is also able to offer additional services allied to the mobile plant.

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