Our Customers

Colas understand the importance of a client-focused approach and are committed to delivering a service that directly addresses the needs of our clients. We listen to them and invest time in understanding their needs. We develop long term relationships with our clients and promote innovative, sustainable solutions to their problems.

By ensuring that our front line teams understand the impact of their activities on communities we minimise disruption during our operations and leave a legacy for the future.

As part of our continuous improvement programme, Colas uses Recognised for Excellence (R4E), part of the EFQM Levels of Excellence scheme, as a means of measuring the progress we are making as an organisation towards excellence and best practice. The EFQM Excellence scheme is a European corporate certification programme. It involves a full and rigorous assessment against the EFQM Excellence Model which is used by some 30,000 organisations throughout Europe. So for us, the R4E 5 star award is a particularly important measure of our achievement as we strive for sustainable excellence in everything we do.

Public sector


Colas work with local authorities and the Highways England to deliver efficiencies in highway maintenance and engineering construction throughout the UK. With our diverse portfolio of services and products Colas can offer safe and sustainable solutions for transport infrastructure. 

Private Sector


Our private sector customers include architects and heritage companies, utilities, private airport operators and waste transfer and management companies. For all Colas has a unique solution for their design engineering and external operational needs.