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Colpatch receives HAPAS approval

Fri, 16 Dec 2011

Colpatch has now been approved as a permanent patch repair product for highways under the Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS) from the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

Colpatch is used for the repair of potholes, patches and other similar defects found within bituminous and cementious surfaces on trafficked and non-trafficked highways.

  • Agrément certification includes:
  • Factors relating to compliance with HAPAS requirements
  • Factors relating to regulations, where applicable
  • Independently verified technical specification
  • Assessment criteria and technical investigations
  • Design considerations
  • Installation guidance
  • Regular surveillance of production
  • A formal five-yearly review

During the trial process Colas undertook testing of indirect stiffness modulus; wheel tracking; air voids; triaxal cyclic compression tests; skid resistance; and texture depth.

The BBA carried out audits of Colpatch production and an installation trial involving pothole repairs.

HAPAS requirements state that when manufactured and installed in accordance with the provisions of the certification, Colpatch will provide a satisfactory repair to road surfaces.

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