Tipner Interchange and bus lane scheme

Colas has formed a joint venture with VolkerFitzpatrick to deliver the Tipner Interchange junction on the M275, a park-and-ride and southbound bus priority lane for Portsmouth City Council. 

This project is helping to maximise benefits gained by the city from Colas' PFI contract.

The work is key for the regeneration of the Tipner area as well as benefiting Portsmouth as a whole by helping reduce congestion on the roads and encouraging businesses and visitors to the city.

The works involve:

  • the construction of a new roundabout located at Tipner Lane with associated verging and di-verge slip roads
  • a new bus lane
  • removal of the existing single span gantry and the installation of a new replacement full-span gantry
  • installation of new advanced warning signs to replace the existing ones to the southern gantry near to Rudmore Interchange
  • construction of park-and-ride car park for more than 600 vehicles
  • construction of park-and-ride building with waiting facilities for customers

April 2014

Transport minister Baroness Kramer formally marks the completion of the Tipner Inerchange junction on the M275, the park and ride and southbound bus priority lane with a visit.SMJ_5677


March 2014

Tipner Junction - Surface course completed.
Currently in progress is: Complete lining, toucan crossings, street lighting, footway construction, landscaping,foundations for art work, sign installation.

Pilgrims Way - started footway works.

Bus lane - started extension at Mile End Road.
SMJ_0375_mar 14BLane
Park & Ride - continued construction of building. 
The structure is now watertight and started installation of electrics.  Continued street lighting installation.
SMJ_0226_Mar 14

February 2014

Tipner Junction - completed communication cable works and revetment works.

In progress is: Installing top layer surfacing (surface course) and this is expected to complete at the end of this week weather permitting.  Anti-skid and lining to be installed starting 12th February.  Surfacing footways. Street lighting and landscaping works are to continue. Site wide, the installation of permanent signage is in progress.

5Feb 14

M275 - completed installation of safety barrier, environmental barrier and communication equipment, continued with installation of direction signage.

Tipner Lake Bridge - started structural repair work. The team are working to replace the kerbs with new kerb drainage units, verge work is also being done.

Rudmore Roundabout - continued installation of street lighting, traffic signals commissioned. PFI remedial works start next week.

Bus lane - continued landscaping works are in progress. Next week, extension works south into city are to begin.

Rudmore Slips - completed installation of environmental barriers and lighting columns.

Pilgrims Way - installation of tactile paving and signage to
shared footway/cycle path through Stamshaw Park

Park & Ride - completed car park surfacing as well as access roads and footways. Building works and landscaping is to continue.

Cladding on the rear and side of the terminal building is being installed:

5Feb 14PR_exterior

Terminal building curtain walling is in progress:

5Feb 14_PR

January 2014

Work continues depsite the persistent rainful on the construction of the Park and Ride building.

Jan 14_MJ_4329

November 2013

Tipner Junction - completed drainage operations and tarmacing.  Installed some kerbing and earthworks to boat club access and surfacing. Started installation of the new lighting and preparations for footway on Tipner Lane.  Continued ducting works, shaping verges and raising ironworks.  Opened Tipner Lane to traffic with diverted route around interchange.

In progress: Complete ducting works, raising ironworks, installation of footway, street lighting and revetment works.

Nov 13_aerial _view

Rudmore Roundabout - completed ducting and installation of light column sleeves, drainage and groundwork.  Commencement of traffic signal installation.

In progress: Complete surfacing, streetlighting and
traffic signal installation.

Rudmore slip roads: Resurfacing northbound, install safety
fencing, finish raising ironworks and install street lighting.  Install environmental barrier on northbound

Park & Ride - completed kerbing & drainage works, removed temporary road, completed shaping of the verge & tree pit, continued surfacing. Commenced foundations for P&R building.

In progress: Complete surfacing, continue building works commencement of extensive landscaping

PR_foundations Nov 13

PR Aerial View Nov 13

M275, Central Reservation -completed installation of central reserve concrete wall and lighting.

M275 - safety barrier installation on various areas.

In progress: Continue safety barrier installation in various areas.  Completing installation of environmental barrier.  Install directional signage.

Southern Gantry - removed old signage.

Southbound on-slip & bus lane - installed environmental barrier, kerbing & street lighting.

In progress: Completion of Stamshore Park fencing. Landscaping to Park and M275 corridor and resurfacing.


October 2013

Tipner Junction - completed drainage operations, installed kerbing in preparation for new surfacing. Started installation of the new lighting. Installed environmental barrier at southbound on slip.

In progress: Expect to commence surfacing early October and temporary diversion to be removed by mid - end October.Oct 13_Environmental _barrier

Northern gantry - removed old gantry structure and installed new super gantry.

Oct 13_Installation _super _gantry

South gantry - installing new signage.

Park & Ride - Completed drainage & kerbing works, started laying porous asphalt. This is expected to be completed by November 2013.

M275, Central Reservation - commenced installation of concrete wall and lighting.

Oct 13_Concrete Walling _centralreserve

M275 - Resurfacing of the existing carriageway.

Rudmore Rounabout - Continuation of ducting and remodelling of the junction.  Expect to start surfacing roundabout and slip roads end October/early November.

September 2013

Tipner Junction - To reduce the need to dig up Tipner Lane 4 times, the JV has coordinated the Statutory service diversions into one trench. We successfully had BT, SSE, Portsmouth Water and Gas working onsite simultaneously. 

4Sep 13_aerial

The installation of the new Environmental Barrier to the Southbound onslip has commenced

2Sep 13_Env _Barrier

Northern gantry - The new gantry bases have been constructed in readiness for the new super gantry installation later in the month. We have also started installing gantry steps.

Park & Ride - The new deep drainage for the Park and Ride has been installed.

M275, Central Reservation - Works have commenced to install the new concrete barrier which replaces the old steel barrier previously in place. To facilitate this the traffic has been taken out of contra flow and into narrow lanes in both directions.

August 2013

The underpass at Tipner Lane has been filled and works to raise the ground level of the interchange roundabout are underway.  The ground level will be raised by around 1m in line with planning conditions to safeguard against any future flooding in years to come.

27Aug 13_underpass

Park & Ride - Works to fill in the drainage pond on the Park-and-Ride site have started.  The area is a redundant part of an old drainage system and has been filled with concrete & recycled materials excavated from other areas of the site.

27Aug 13_fill Drainage Pond

Bus Lane - Work on the priority bus lane is well underway, some areas have been laid with tarmac whilst digging out and levelling works continue in other areas.

July 2013

Tipner Junction - drainage works, kerb instillation, tarmac laid

Northbound Off Slip - ducting works, drainage works

Southbound Off Slip - drainage works, kerb installation, tarmac laid

Southbound On Slip and bus lane - site clearance, drainage works, fencing

Rudmore Roundabout - trial holes & ducting works for electric cabling. Temporary piling for gantry

Park & Ride - levelling and drainage, started temporary road construction.

3July 13_asphalt _surfacing _works2

3July 13_asphalt _surfacing _works

June 2013

Both Northbound slip roads - opened for haulage traffic - reduced haulage through residential areas

Southbound on-slip - top soil strips, some drainage works & removed street lighting

Southbound off-slip - earthworks completed

Tipner Bridge/Interchange - earthworks. Contraflow installed and in use on M275

Park & Ride - Earthworks commence

May 2013

Northbound off-slip - tarmacked

Northbound on-slip - earthworks & drainage

Southbound off slip - ground preparation

Southbound on slip - ground preparation

1May 13_northbound _offslip

April 2013

Construction of the on/off slip roads on the southbound carriageway commences. This will be coupled with the new bus lane including associated drainage, gabion wall & petrol interceptor installation. 


March 2013

Auger boring for the gantry on northbound carriageway was carried out - these holes were drilled into the motorway in preparation for erecting and connecting the new gantry.

Drainage pipes were laid on northbound slip road. 

We completed sheet piling on 16 meters of southbound carriageway - this involved inserting metal poles into the embankment to stabilise it. 

March 2013

We continued with the earthworks along the northbound carriageway.  We also started to raise the level of the ground using crushed concrete so that it forms the foundation for the new slip road.

 N_bound On Slip 01

February 2013

A 40mph speed restriction and hard shoulder closure was implemented so that we could construct the on and off slip roads.

January 2013

Enabling works for the installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) and speed enforcement system, were completed and the existing communication system was closed for the duration of the works.

January 2013

Work on Tipner's new motorway junction and park and ride officially started after the site was opened on 9 January by Local Transport Minister Norman Baker. Along with representatives of Portsmouth City Council, the minister dug the ceremonial first sod of earth on the site to mark the start of the project.