Colas' Construction Projects team were awarded a contract to build a new commercial and household waste recycling centre at Harefield in Middlesex for London Borough of Hillingdon.

The project requires the redevelopment of the existing site that managed household and commercial waste alongside winter maintenance operations for highways. 

July 2012

The upper level roads and yard areas were all cast in-situ with fibre reinforced concrete.

June 2012

A low level retaining wall was constructed to provide vehicle containment and a lower level for the recycling banks.

Timeline 19 RC Walls

June 2012

The office roof was secured and utilised a steel panel construction for security.

May 2012

All construction fills were sourced from on-site deposits or imported recycled aggregates.

Timeline 17 Earthworks

May 2012

The final works area was made available to Colas after funding was agreed.

May 2012

Concrete piers were cast in-situ to provide high level public access to the recycling containers.

April 2012

New heavy security gates were installed to the site entrance from New Years Green Lane.

 Timeline 14 New Primary Access Gates 12-05-12

April 2012

Colas specified fibre reinforced concrete for new concrete pavements in the central operational area.

March 2012

Rehabilitation, encapsulation and partial demolition of existing walls took place depending on their structural condition.

March 2012

The central site area forms the hub of all drainage works.

March 2012

Surfacing was carried out on the principal access route at night to avoid disruption to client operations.

Timeline 8 Night Time Asphalt Surfacing 23-03-12

March 2012

Further drainage attenuation was installed using the recycled plastic cells and glass sand.

March 2012

Ahead of schedule, the initial phase of works was handed over to the client and the second phase began.


March 2012

Building works to the new office building started on the 5th March 2012.

Timeline 7 Building Works 12-03-12

February 2012

Foundations for the office and amenity building were cast in-situ in the form of a reinforced concrete raft.

February 2012

A 'Unilog' retaining wall system was installed behind the new office block at the end of January 2012.

January 2012

A salt barn for winter maintenance was erected and the surrounding pavements were overlaid with a fibre reinforced concrete slab.

December 2011

To comply with Environment Agency requirements, Colas began installation of an underground surface water attenuation system.

Timeline 3 Drainage Attenuation 1st Section

November 2011

Site clearance including demolition of buildings and retaining walls commenced in November 2012.

Timeline 2 Demolition Works 28-11-11v2 


July 2011

Colas commenced works at Harefield in July 2011, taking occupation of the first phase area on the 11th July.