East Sussex County Council

Since Colas have worked with East Sussex, we have continually helped them to achieve savings whilst maintaining the same levels of excellent service.

May 2014

The LED replacement scheme is being rolled out in Hastings with a target for completion of March 2015.

Outdated orange and yellow street lighting lanterns on residential streets in the town will be replaced with new energy-saving LED lights to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, lower our electricity bills and provide better quality lighting and improve visibility.

April 2014

Over the past eight months, 6,000 new high-tech lanterns have been installed, part of a county-wide drive to save £885,000 from East Sussex County Council's street lighting budget over three years. The changes in Eastbourne, which include dimming lights in some streets, will also save around £150,000 a year in electricity and achieve a reduction of 900 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.


November 2013

Colas upgraded the lights that run throughout the Pavilion Gardens.

The lanterns and posts are of historic nature and great care had to be taken to preserve them and carry out the work whilst minimising disruption. The work was carried out over three weeks and involved working on the ground cables and the lantern bulbs to introduce a new LED lighting solution. The lights will use significantly less energy but still maintain their historic presence.


October 2013

Throughout October and early November, Colas replaced dated inefficient street lighting with modern, energy efficient lighting in the Seven Dials area of Brighton.

The area was de-cluttered and the pedestrian crossing benefited from a face lift to make it more aesthetically pleasing for both locals and visitors.


August 2009

Installation of 1000 new lanterns throughout East Sussex began and represents an investment of around £300,000. Council officials are confident that this cost can be recouped within five years due to lower energy consumption from the new lanterns.

July 2009

Working with Brighton and Hove City Council, Colas installed LED active colour change lighting in the underpass on Trafalgar Street. It is hoped the initiative will improve the area for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians and attract more tourists and their greater footfall towards the North Laine area of the city.



June 2009

Active colour changing LED lighting has also been installed beneath a railway viaduct crossing London Road, to help highlight the imposing nature of the structure for the benefit of both locals and drivers entering the city.

Brighton 24 June 09 021


June 2009

LED lights were switched on beneath a row of distinctive arches known as The Colonnade on Madeira Drive. Fifteen white LED line strips provide illumination from above and fifteen blue uplighters are recessed into the surface. The new lighting makes it a much more attractive and safer place to walk at night.

Brighton 19 June 09 056_cropped


April 2005

Colas were awarded two Street Lighting maintenance contracts working for East Sussex County Council and Brighton and Hove City Council to maintain public and amenity lighting.