Research & Development in Colas

Research and Development help to support and embed our culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Development of our products and services are achieved through the improvement to our existing products and application techniques and through the design and creation of new products and services

Research and Development is completed through various unique teams, including our own in house Technical Department, our Products Department, our Project Engineering  and through the International Colas Group's' leading, private research centre.  

The Colas Campus for Science and Techniques

The Colas Group's campus is a state of the art research facility which provides research and technical development for Colas Group companies.

The campus based in Magny-les-Hameaux, near the outskirts of Paris, was formed in 2000 and is designed to encourage exchange, creativity and to optimise our existing products and techniques, in addition to the development of new products and techniques.

Innovation and sustainability are key and through the creation and investment of these new products and techniques, Colas can continue to install and maintain transport infrastructure that stays in line with our clients' sustainability targets and objectives.

The campus currently employees a workforce of over 90 engineers, technicians, physicists and chemists, material specialists  and metrologists and the technical global network includes 2000 engineers and technicians.

To date, Colas SA has developed a portfolio of over 100 patents. The documentation centre provides regular updates on all developments and achievements. These updates are shared internationally ensuring the ethos of sharing and exchange is continued throughout the products journey of development.