Colas Innovation

At Colas our ability to innovate and develop pioneering and unique ideas into deliverable solutions is embedded in our culture. Research and development, investment in people and working closely with our parent company the International Colas Group are all vital for demonstrating and delivering this innovation.

Research & Development

Our cutting edge research is driven to provide products and services which are; durable and long lasting; environmentally-friendly through reduced chemical components, carbon emissions and energy consumption; and efficient in manufacture, application and use.   The development of our products and service techniques are designed to create pioneering and sustainable infrastructure solutions.


Science campus


The campus plays a key part in our technical development and expertise.  In 2010 alone, up to €70m was invested in the improvement of existing products, optimising our existing application techniques and designing new products.

Value Management


Our Value Management Team blends our traditional expertise with design, innovation, consultancy and project management. They combine the strengths of the UK expertise with the Colas SA group to develop innovative solutions for our clients.