Project Engineering

Project Engineering was formed to blend our UK expertise along with that of the International Colas Group. By utilising the knowledge and techniques that exist throughout the Colas Group, with the combination of high level expertise and the use of in house tools we can put forward solutions that provide optimal engineering results.

  • Innovation (new market ideas, processes, developments etc.)
  • Technical solutions
  • Highways Asset Management and Whole Life Costing Applications
  • Rational Design Approach - Pavement assessment and design
  • Pavement Recycling Technical Advice - Deep In Situ Recycling, Retread, Repave, use of RAP
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission and Energy consumption calculations for pavement design and construction processes
  • Research and development
  • Project management skills, tools and techniques

We are capable of adapting to new situations to provide an 'intelligent service' for our clients. The team consider all the unique skills, expertise, products, materials, applications, services and software in the Colas Group to enable a complete service to be offered to our clients.

We pride ourselves on a "more for less" approach to project engineering to ensure that we can offer the best possible solutions for our clients. During an uncertain economic climate, we will ensure that we can provide affordable solutions, ensure project reliability and install trust with our clients by "Going Further" to provide the best service.

For any queries, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.