Greener, Safer Innovation

Using our R&D capability we are working towards delivering zero harm with our traffic management operations where the risks inherent in setting up and removing road works and diversions will be returned to zero by the removal of the driver in the protecting back vehicle using leader follower technology.

Colas Impact Protection Vehicles are used for putting out and taking in lane closures. The operatives that work on, in and around them are now protected by automatic monitoring technology.

This has been developed through Project Yellow, in partnership with technology specialists in the UK and Aximum, Colas Group’s traffic technology specialist in France. The system uses thermal imaging cameras and analytics software to send an audible warning to operatives if a vehicle is on a collision course within 150m. We want to completely eradicate deaths and injuries in roadworks.

Whilst safety is fundamental to all that we do and many of our innovative approaches are focused on achieving zero harm, we are also working on climate-related projects in tune with the global concern to conserve and generate clean energy.

Wattway is a step towards a truly intelligent road system that not only supports travel but contributes to energy creation and the greater wellbeing of communities. A new solar-power generating top layer road surface from Colas will provide clean, renewable electricity whilst being ultra-resilient, yet lightweight.

We see this as a means of self-powering message signs, traffic lights and even street lights or local homes and businesses. Part of the smart, clean infrastructure future.

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