Devolution and the Future of Regional Transport




The Cities and Local Government Devolution Act has formalised the trend towards devolution and devolved power to attract investment. As pioneering contractors we are ideally placed to assist in this process.

We already design, build, finance and operate transport networks. This has included discovering new ways of funding, harnessing pots of national and regional funding and the development of public-private initiatives. This lies at the heart of our contribution to regenerating communities, creating jobs and skills, and driving economic, environmental and social sustainability.

There are almost as many solutions to devolved infrastructure as there are roads, but crucially, Colas has proven it can bring in the investment where it is needed.

It will be interesting to see how this new devolved approach will work within the larger Brexit context and... and even the direction of our Government. We expect new relationships will form around overseas investment as with the case of Hinkley Point we will observe with interest the impact this new world will have on funding channels, the Chancellor’s Autumn statement on 23 November and the relationships that will have to be struck across the globe.

The role of new technology, investment, return on investment and our contribution to new jobs and sustainable communities will become increasingly crucial.

Our Industry and our company are at the heart of this new world. It is a world of discovery, opportunity and good old fashioned asset management. Our central role is about keeping the roads open – to new investment, new ideas and new communities.

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