Efficient Use of Resource

Colas are committed to achieving sustainable consumption and production by maximising resource efficiency and reducing waste. A key focus is reducing landfill disposals and maximising recycling opportunities using the principles of the Waste Hierarchy…

  • Reduce
  • Re-use
  • Recycle
  • Recover
  • Disposal

Our first principle is to reduce waste wherever possible through efficient procurement, good stock management and using common-sense good practice to prevent the creation of waste in the first instance. Our contracting operations utilise waste management plans as appropriate to maximise use of materials on-site and identify recycling options for construction materials to avoid landfill disposal. We also segregate waste at source in our offices and depots to maximise recycling - our current rate of recycling is greater than 90% of all wastes produced.

As a market leader in road recycling we also help our clients to reduce waste associated with maintenance operations using our Retread, Repave in-situ recycling processes as well as Deep Recycling which can be done either in-situ or ex-situ. All recycling processes provide significant savings in terms of resources and waste by utilising the materials within the existing pavement structure, avoiding the use of virgin aggregates; thus also significantly reducing cost, energy consumption and the associated carbon emissions. Read more on these processes in our Surface Treatments section.

Colas are also proud to provide innovative solutions to the UK using the expertise of the International Colas Group to help improve resource efficiency. Products like our Colpatch, a storage grade macadam used for pothole repairs. As well as being manufactured at lower temperatures than conventional asphalt, resulting in lower embodied carbon; the material can be stored externally without heating and used throughout the year eliminating the need for hot-box storage facilities and virtually eliminating waste.