Graduate Training Scheme


The programme starts by giving our graduates the opportunity to obtain experience and skills across a range of different business disciplines. The second stage of the programme focuses on objectives and development within the chosen business function. The knowledge and expertise gained from working across multiple business areas provides our graduates with the basic knowledge they need of everyday operations.

We believe that this period of investment enhances the knowledge of our graduates and allows them to make informed choices.

An integral part of the scheme is the opportunity to work towards a professional qualification, such as Incorporated or Chartered Engineer, and the scheme is accredited for this.

Each of our graduates works closely with a personal mentor. Our personal mentors group is made up of directors and senior managers who work on specialist disciplines, projects and business. From the outset each personal mentor will have close contact with their graduate, discussing their progression, training and ambitions throughout the duration of the scheme.

This intensive yet challenging programme develops our graduates and provides them with the learning, support and skills they will need when taking on future managerial and leadership roles.

Each graduate is given the opportunity to contribute and be a part of a service that affects all areas of society. Everywhere and every day people are using, accessing or travelling on theUK's transport infrastructure. As a Colas graduate, the work you do to help maintain and construct the UK's transport infrastructure will ultimately impact lifestyles, businesses and communities.

To help us deliver our unique services and products we look for a certain type of individual. If you are a visionary and passionate individual who values the importance of innovation, join our exciting graduate training scheme and learn more about the challenging and energising work you could be doing.