Vision, Mission & Values

Colas operates in an extremely competitive marketplace - in order to compete effectively we need a clear vision, a confident mission and strong values.  And because we are a far-reaching, forward-looking company, we've put the principle of sustainability at the heart of our business.  Our vision and mission reflect the responsible approach we take towards the environment, society and economy in which we work.

Our Vision

Deliver growth through intelligent infrastructure solutions, excellent service & inspired people.

Our Mission

We will provide sustainable solutions for our customers and our communities by:

  • Working safely
  • Understanding their needs
  • Developing our people
  • Innovative & intelligent engineering

Utilising the expertise of the International Colas Group.

Our Values

Our values are behind everything we do and everything we stand for.  They describe the qualities that have made us the company we are and will help us become the company we want to be.  We have identified five values that describe our company and our people.


Safety is our first priority at all times.  We look after the health and well-being of our people.  We develop environmentally-friendly, sustainable solutions.  We demonstrate legal, ethical and social responsibility


We nurture talent through training and career development.  We encourage an 'ideas-driven' culture of creativity and initiative.  We're helpful and friendly, professional and honourable.


We develop pioneering product and service solutions for our customers.  We operate a policy of continuous development which generates innovative/unique ideas.  We invest strongly in technology and R&D.  We share expertise within the worldwide Colas Group.


We encourage long-term thinking - we're looking to the future, not just tomorrow.  We develop long-term relationships with our stakeholders.  We share knowledge and best practice.


Customer focus drives everything we do - they are the reason we're here.  We're determined to deliver best practice and value at all times.  We're prepared to take the extra step to make a difference.